10 Content Marketing Strategies You Need To Know this 2017

Content marketing is the type of marketing that involves creating, publishing, and distributing materials, like articles, blogs, and video...

Content marketing is the type of marketing that involves creating, publishing, and distributing materials, like articles, blogs, and videos with the particular goal of engaging, attracting, and retaining customers.

Everyone is searching for the best list of content marketing strategies online that will drive more traffic, leads, and sales. Content marketing provides a great value to your clients if everything is well done. But, this can also be something of a challenge, because some businesses find it hard to identify what to write.
10 Content Marketing Strategies You Need To Know this 2017


But it is the not year 2000 anymore. You can’t just write a content and expect something as a result. Sometimes you run out of ideas on what to write about, and no one wants to just write a content just for the sake of writing.

Sohere’s a list of some content marketing strategies that you need to implement this 2017:

1. Always personalize your content

Your target audience wants an article that is unique to them. You can no longer continue with a one size fits all content strategy. It’s important to know your audience’s statistics, and then create a particular content for these separate targets.

Personalization is already becoming a huge trend in the industry. And by creating a personalized content, the message that you want to convey will resonate more with your readers and viewers.

Once your personalized content is already available and ready for sending, spend the rest of the time to section your emails lists, any other list that you have, and your Facebook Ad targets. By doing this, you will be able to relay your content to the correct people.

2. Produce better content for your sales team

The content you are creating as a marketer in your sales team can reuse a content for outreach and branding. Ensure that the sales team has access to ebooks, videos, blog posts, and other necessary content that can be used to help drive prospects throughout the sales cycle. Any particular article post on an individual subject can resonate a prospect.

One great tip is to use a tool that would make sure that you provide high-quality content. An example is Grammarly. It is a tool that checks grammatical errors real time while you're writing. You wouldn't want to create a lousy article for your marketing team, right?

Produce better content for your sales team
3. Hire a full-time content writer

It takes a lot of time and effort to create a valuable content. Creating articles, writing materials on social media, and producing videos takes an experienced individual to do it effectively. If you want to have highly-engaging content for 2017, you should look into hiring a full-time writer or someone who has experience in the field of article writing services.

By doing this, it is clear that the writer has already a thorough understanding of what your target audience wants to know and learn. As your marketing team also create new content, the lead content writer will make sure to keep the brand voice by checking their works and editing their draft.

Aside from that, a skilled content writer knows that in the online world, a plagiarized work has no space. He or she is knowledgeable enough to use a tool like Copyscape to check if her work is plagiarism-free. After all, an original is always worth more than a copy.

Hire a full-time content writer
4. Try to create a video series

In 2017, the trend for video marketing skyrocketed, and it’s pretty evident that over the last few years, there has been a massive increase in video content on the web. Starting a video series for your business can become a guide for creating good video content. Just make sure not to focus on your business, products, or services.

Your audience loves watching you talk about the prevailing trends, tricks, tips, and more nowadays. Therefore, it is important always to create a theme for your video series. It makes the process easy when it comes to producing relevant contents that may always incorporate your content into your brand.

5. Include videos to your landing pages

As marketers, our landing pages are an essential part of our content strategy, but frequently we struggle in getting the number of leads that we expect. So, to help you with that, an effective way to boost the conversion rates on your landing page is by posting a video.

According to Eyeview Digital, it shows that 80% more guests are converted when there is a video placed on a landing page. Once you start creating a short video that explains what your company offers, it is safe to expect to see a boost in your leads in the next few weeks.

6. Market strategies through social media

  • Deploy more Facebook Ads

If you haven’t tried advertising through Facebook, you should before it is too late. Many brands are already starting to advertise through Facebook ads, and the prices are starting to increase.

Many experts predict that the prices will double from what is it now, by the end of 2017.
  • Try out Facebook’s new unique feature

Live streaming in Facebook is beginning to become familiar. Watching Facebook LIVE videos are longer than the standard videos. It is because Facebook showing live videos gets higher in the news feed. Many big brands and media companies that are adopting Facebook LIVE are already seeing results.
  • Create a strategy on Instagram

Like Facebook, Instagram allows marketers and brands to keep in touch with their clients through photos and videos. Instagram gives you the capacity to spend a bit more time on your content. You can even add filters and edit your photos or videos right through the app. Having an Instagram strategy will help you produce relevant content on a schedule.
  • Start your business on Snapchat

Snapchat is an app that began as disappearing photos. A user would send a picture to another user that would vanish after viewing. But Snapchat has “stories” now. Those Snapchat accounts allow the users to post many photos or videos that can be viewable for 24 hours.

Snapchat is a good business strategy because businesses don’t have to spend any money in producing valuable video content to reach to their audiences. You can build brand awareness, and you can always stay in touch with your audience right through your phone.

7. Interview experts from the industry

Interviewing experts from your industry will be able to help your content reach its audiences. Including others in your content can help you arrive at a wider audience. An interview blog will go just fine, but video interviews are the best way to do this.

You can pick a subject that both your customers and prospects care deeply. It could be a standard issue, best practice, an upcoming trend. Select some experts and contact them if they would be so nice to have an interview about this matter.

More frequently, industry experts jump at the opportunity to gain more content on the web that has their name on it, while trying to increase their personal brand. Make sure to tag the industry expert and their company if you will post it on social media sites, and make sure to email the link to your experts.

It will surely help you widen the audience. The industry experts will undoubtedly share their interview as well.

8. Provide guest blog on a popular site

Another way to increase your content strategy this 2017 while at the same time building SEO is to guest blog. Guest blogging is writing blogs for another company that goes on their site. Reach out those companies that also shares your target audience or those businesses that have a target audience that you are trying to break.

But before you start, it is important to make sure that you already have a permanent blogging presence, and some materials to support your knowledge on the subject that you want to write.

For you to build a better domain and SEO, your website should link with other favorite sites that have a massive number of audience and also high in search rankings. So through blogging on popular sites that link back to your site, will help you also get a higher rank in search results.

9. Spend more time on your blogs

10 Content Marketing Strategies You Need To Know this 2017

If you are planning on running a blog, don’t ever hesitate, go for 100%. Publishing more valuable content can give you some great results. Have some employees who write regularly for your blogs on a schedule, and this will only be effective through scheduling.

By having a blog schedule, you will never miss a content, and you can trace the relation of traffic on how many blogs you are publishing in a month. If you don’t have the time to write, you don’t have to worry because you can create a video blog. There is no such excuse for not producing a valuable content for both your prospects and customers.

10. Start an influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the type of marketing when a company uses a celebrity to promote their product or service. The B2B industry has begun to notice, and it seems like 2017 is the best time to start testing influencer marketing for your content strategy.

You can find famous bloggers/vloggers and reach out to them to try out your product or your service. Collaborate with them to have a deal. The best place to start is to reach out to those who have a favorite podcast that your audience regularly listen.


Ten years ago, only some of us had even heard about content marketing. But now, the year 2017, your typical brand in already investing in social media, blogs, original articles, eBooks, and more.

The wider you cast your net, the better the results will be. That’s why you need to consistently think of more efficient content marketing strategies to publish more engaging content.

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