What you can do to detect and report false news on Facebook

Many people are spreading face news using Facebook and some other social network. But how do you spot a misinformation? What you can do to r...

Many people are spreading face news using Facebook and some other social network. But how do you spot a misinformation? What you can do to report a fake news? Yes, you can prevent these pages and user from doing this bullshit thing on Facebook.

What you can do to detect and report false news on Facebook?

Throughout this year, the topic of fake news has become a black cloud that has intermittently overshadowed the image of Facebook

And it has triggered a series of questions about the influence of the social network on politics and its growing transformation into an information medium (not always reliable).

In fact, many reported that the spread of fake news on the social network may have influenced the victory of Republican Donald Trump in the United States presidential election.

The International Data Checks Network (IFCN), which has 43 organizations around the world, wrote an open letter to Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg urging him to take action to put an end to the situation.

Finally, Zuckerberg took action on the matter in the face of this "false news crisis" affecting his company ( the biggest influence ever created, according to technology journalist David Kirkpatrick), which already handles data for 1.8 billion people around the world.

And an important part of the weight of this measure falls on the users of the platform itself.

And what can you do for Facebook fake news problem?

If you see the news that could be misleading or false, from now on you can report it on Facebook very quickly. To do this, you must follow two steps:

STEP 1: Reporting

First, you must click on the top right corner of the publication and choose the "false news" option from the content denunciation options (which Facebook is still implementing and will be available in the coming days for all users):

  • It's annoying, or it's not interesting
  • I think it should not be on Facebook
  • It's spam
  • It is false news

STEP 2: Act

Secondly, you will have to choose an action to take to solve the problem:
Mark the publication as "false news," detailing if you believe it to be false on purpose or if it is misleading news
Send a message to the person to let them know that you think your post is fake
Block the person who posted that allegedly false news

"We believe in giving people a voice and that we can not turn ourselves into arbiters of truth, so we are dealing with this problem with care," the company said in a statement.

"It's important to us that the stories they see on Facebook are authentic and meaningful. We are thrilled by this progress, but we know that much remains to be done, " they explained.

Some, however, point out that this plan based on the "wisdom of the masses" may not be a great idea.

"When it comes to assessing the quality or truthfulness of an issue, it's a difficult thing to do. It's something the makers of news aggregators such as Reddit or Digg know a lot about," said Xataka technology blog specialists.
"Facebook faces, therefore, a titanic task," they maintain because its users "will be able to mark any news that appears in their accounts like false."

However, the weight of the decision will not fall only in the judgment of the users.

Once the publications are denounced, Facebook will send the content to IFCN organizations - such as Factcheck.org (USA), El Deber Data (Bolivia),  Ojo P├║blico (Peru) or UY Check ( Uruguay) -to verify whether it is true or false (and why).

The ultimate goal is to create "alerts" or tags so that everyone can see the content that was cataloged as "fake."

Also, the company will penalize websites that distribute false news, withholding financial incentives and preventing them from using the platform.
"We will do everything possible to solve the problem completely," they explained.

How to know if a story is false?

Analyze if the source is trustworthy: always ask if the source where you see the news is reliable or not
Is it too strange to be real? If it looks more like fiction than reality, it probably a fake story. Check if it is available on a data verification site.

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