What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

What kind of entrepreneur are there changing the future of entrepreneurship? Be honest to define what type of personalities you have when it...

What kind of entrepreneur are there changing the future of entrepreneurship? Be honest to define what type of personalities you have when it comes to entrepreneurial life.

In all fields, there are thousands of people who practice the same trade or share the same passion. Each of them does it in a unique way. For entrepreneurs, it is the same thing. We can still classify them by type. Here are the ones I had fun to define.

The first type of entrepreneur is the purist. Starting from nothing, with a single idea in his pocket, he built his business by dint of sleepless nights, uncertainties and stress. He often launches into a field he does not know, often has great dreams, unrealistic goals, and passion at heart. He navigates through difficulties with ease and does not stop at anything. Born seller, it is very social. 

The second contractor is the specialist. For this solitary, everything is calculable. Whether it is the percentage of risks or the ratios, it does not make any decision without having made a full analysis of the pros and cons. He often launches in the more technological or technical fields and prefers to work in front of a computer that responds to his orders.

The third is the opportunist. Unloved, he is an entrepreneur by default. Rarely passionate, he is not particularly visionary, but he knows better than anyone recognizes a business opportunity and the needs of consumers. King of the middle range, its products are rarely bad or excellent, they are just ... products. He enrages the purist by copying it and is convinced that the customer only buys a price.

I affectionately call the fourth "Socialist." Often shocked by what he sees, he is moved by the desire to change the world. Often, he does not perceive himself as an entrepreneur. As the famous saying goes: he did not know he could not do it, so he did. He is often at the head of a social enterprise and stirs sea and the world to improve society. Thank God it exists!

The fifth is the Buddhist. He waits, reflects and hopes. Sitting on the edge of a cliff, he imagines what his life would be if he were an entrepreneur. He has ideas full of head, he does not like his job very much and hopes to be able to gather his courage to get into the business. He is sometimes jealous and often gives his opinion. His entourage has been waiting for years to make the leap, without great results.

These categories are somewhat caricatured, but they do exist. It is enough to analyze the speech or the course of some entrepreneurs to be able to determine in which category they belong.

It is interesting to note that there is not a single recipe for becoming an entrepreneur and that no matter what path you take, you all have the opportunity to succeed in what you do. For my part, I think I am a purist. No pun intended I love to build up an idea and complete it. I love more than anything the feeling of pride that I feel when after so much effort, I see a customer consume one of my products. And you? What kind of entrepreneurs are you?

To help you define yourself, entrepreneur.com publish an infographic, below I'm going to add it for you with a link to its original article, you can check it both.

type-of-entrepreneur Go here to read this infographic at entrepreneur.com

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