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Social intelligence is the ability of a person to understand, deal with and get along with the people around him. It is what makes a person able to have a thousand friends willing to face him, or have no one to count with. It is what causes a man to be magnetic for women or, on the contrary, a total neglected when it comes to interacting. And, it is also what makes a person a top seller or speaker, or a failure in business and his ability to express himself in public.

That is, Social Intelligence is the part of our intelligence that is used to interact effectively with the people around us.
What is Social Intelligence?
Someone with a highly developed Social Intelligence is a person capable of understanding and intuiting what people feel at any moment, what they need, how they behave and what they expect from us. Politicians, speakers, great seducers, great salesmen, teachers who make us love what they teach, influential businessmen, etc. are people with a high social intelligence.

Let’s say that social intelligence is the ability to maximize our relationship with people, getting the best out of them, generating the minimum level of rejection and getting the best results from them.
Some essential tools to have a real social intelligence are:

  • Empathy.
  • The leadership.
  • Verbal intelligence.
  • Emotional intelligence (which we will see in the next article, but so, in short, can be summarized as the ability to manage emotions well).
  • Assertiveness.
  • Know how to listen and pay attention.
  • Be good analyzing the nonverbal language of people.
  • Be good psychoanalyzing people and reading between the lines when they speak to us.
  • Manage physical contact well.
  • Interpret correctly the social situations that happen around us together. For example: differentiate if a group of people is going to stick, another who is celebrating a birthday. And in less extreme and obvious cases, be able to spin thin and quickly realize what is happening around us.
  • Dress well and correctly for each situation, projecting the best of us and what we want in each moment.
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Social intelligence is by far the most useful skill to succeed in life. If we manage to treat the people around us, we will succeed in professional relationships, friends, business, sexual partners, family, etc. And few things can value a woman more than the fact of being with a socially brilliant man.