What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence could be defined as the ability of a person to manage, understand, select and work their emotions and those of others...

Emotional intelligence could be defined as the ability of a person to manage, understand, select and work their emotions and those of others with efficiency and generating positive results.

That is, it is the ability to manage emotions well. Both ours and those of others.
A person who gets angry quickly, who becomes sad often or who is not able to control their impulses is someone with bad emotional intelligence. On the contrary, a person who knows himself well, who is capable of thinking before acting, who understands his impulses. Who expresses them with education being sincere but, at the same time, managing to not negatively affect the people who surround or is able to relativize and feel things in a healthy way would be an individual with excellent emotional intelligence.

What is Emotional Intelligence?
Also, Emotional Intelligence must serve to understand the emotions of others and know how to treat the people around us so that:

Be on our side.

Do not provoke unpleasant emotions in them (anger, sadness, frustration, etc.). That is to say to have a left hand in the time to put the things.
Someone with real emotional intelligence should be able to apply the following things:

Think before you act and not drift and "crazy" before doing things. This does not mean that the moment is not lived or that it is not enjoyed. This means that emotions and reason go hand in hand. You have to enjoy it, but you also have to be able to use intelligence and analyze emotions, especially when it comes to anger, sadness or frustration.

Be empathic to understand, respect and manage the emotions of others, making the people around us at ease.

Know how to choose the emotions well at all times, so that our behavior is optimal. If, before a critic, we are offended and angry, we are accepting appalling emotions. If on the contrary, we stop to think, we analyze the behavior of the other person, listen, understand their point of view. 

We read between the lines and realize that the problem has been that in our previous argument we have offended ourselves to him/her, then it will be much better to apologize and suggest that next time tells us things otherwise. It is not a matter of giving in, it is a matter of handling the situation efficiently. That is, causing the least damage. And anger is usually the emotion that MORE damage generates.

Manage, know and control negative emotions well, especially when it comes to anger, sadness, frustration and anxiety/stress.
To live a life with a high degree of motivation and optimism, growing in the face of adversity, instead of coming down.

Be happy.

Emotional intelligence, in the end, must pursue inner peace and happiness. Because the only thing that determines our happiness is the emotions. If our feelings are great, our lives will go great. If our emotions are fatal, our perception of life will be depressing, and failure.

Real Emotional Intelligence is IMPERATIVE to be useful and attractive to a woman. Reactivity is still a result of a bad emotional intelligence, and we know that it is something wrong for our Internal and External Game.
A woman needs to be brilliant emotionally and that they are aware how to adapt to every situation, problem, and adversity in life, with integrity, optimism, and efficiency.

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