Trump and his daughter Ivanka offer support to Hispanic small business owners

President Donald Trump met today with his daughter Ivanka with a group of small businesswomen, including several Hispanic women, to convey t...

President Donald Trump met today with his daughter Ivanka with a group of small businesswomen, including several Hispanic women, to convey to them that it is an "absolute priority" of his Government to help them strengthen so they can continue to create jobs.

"Strengthening and promoting women in the business world is an absolute priority," Trump told reporters at the start of the White House meeting.

According to Trump, women are today the primary source of income in 40% of households with children under 15 years.

Also, the number of small businesses whose owners are Latino has doubled over the last decade and are the fastest growing.

The president pledged today to work to ensure an economy in which women can "work and prosper" as well as advocate policies "to support working families."

Also, Trump thanked her daughter Ivanka several times for the work she is doing for small entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, and in defense of measures that make childcare and daycare more affordable.

On the other hand, Trump anticipated that Ivanka plans to attend a summit on the economic empowerment of women to be held in Berlin at the end of April, as she had anticipated.

The W20 summit, promoted within the G20 (developed and emerging nations) bloc, will be held in Berlin from 24 to 26 April and will be attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, according to its organizers.

According to The Washington Post, it was Merkel who invited Ivanka Trump to participate in that summit during her recent visit to the White House to meet with her US counterpart.

In this regard, today Trump confirmed that Merkel asked her daughter to travel to Germany to continue collaborating on issues related to the economic empowerment of women, something that will happen "very soon" and which, she said, will be " honor."

The Colombian Liliana Gil Valletta, co-founder and CEO of CIEN +, a company specializing in "big data," was one of those present at the meeting today with Trump, who told Efe that she was "very open" to Listen to the ideas and proposals of all attendees.

"Any time we are given a chance to a Hispanic community to be present at the work table is precious," said Gil Valletta, whose company has offices in New York and several Latin American countries.

According to this businesswoman, some of the challenges for her and other Latina entrepreneurs is the "access to capital and contact networks" that allow a business to grow.

For this reason, Gil Valletta called for "a rapprochement to the Hispanic community" on the part of the Government, so that "they know that the resources are there."

Although more than 4 million Hispanic-led small businesses are the fastest growing in the country, Gil Valletta emphasized that his average annual return is 25 cents for every dollar of other entrepreneurs.

Another of the participants in the roundtable with Trump was the Peruvian Patricia Funeral, who came to the United States a decade ago and left a job at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to set up her own company.

Funeral founded and runs La Cocina VA, which helps Hispanics in Arlington (Virginia) graduate and gain job opportunities in the food and catering industry.

"Finding economic resources has been and continues to be one of the biggest challenges," Funeral told Efe.

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