Six Annoying Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing

Beautiful women had a long road to equity and gender empowerment. Throughout history, we have been the target of criticism about our "...

Beautiful women had a long road to equity and gender empowerment. Throughout history, we have been the target of criticism about our "weak nature, " but we have also had to endure condescending considerations or attitudes on the part of men (and other women) who seek to make us feel full every day.

We have all heard these phrases, and the worst thing is that they also come from woman to woman. 

These situations are especially recurrent on special days such as Women's Day, Mother's Day or when we are pregnant and speak as if our condition as a female was a divine miracle of the universe.
Six Annoying Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing
Okay, we all like flattery and recognize our work, but is it so necessary to stress that "it's because it's a woman"? Here are 7 phrases that we are all tired of listening to.

1. "Happy Women's Day!"

March 8 is celebrated International Women's Day, but more than a party, it commemorates the working woman and her step towards gender equity in both social and labor. The history of this day goes back to a tragic event (happened in 1911) in a textile factory, where 146 workers died in a fire and the terrible conditions in which they had them inside. Do not even bother filling our cubicles with balloons, flowers or fruit baskets.

2. "Why is there no International Man's Day?"

Those who ask this are the same ones who believe that dedicating a day to a genre is to celebrate and give the day off. As we said in point one, if there is a Women's Day is to commemorate the struggle for gender equity. And yes, there is a Day of Man (November 19) and UNESCO recognizes it as a day to focus on Health and human well-being, as well as to improve gender relations and promote gender equality

3. "Are you okay? You look drained."

Nothing worse than telling us that we see ourselves fatigued and worse than a cadaver. Maybe it's because we are no longer 20 or because we have to be 24 hours from side to side between work, school, family and our social life. Oh yes, and breathe.

4. "Let me explain to you."

Nothing more annoying than feeling that we are inferior to the one who says it. It is a type of "indirect" violence known as 'Mansplaining,' a term that combines the words 'man = man' and 'explain.' Man assumes that a woman does not have the knowledge of a particular subject just because she is a woman, So we have to explain everything.At this point also enter the men who "have to repeat things twenty times" or justify everything by saying that we have done them the same thing (like they do not know how to cook). This we can go back to point 3 and hear a man say, "Oh yes and why is not there a Man's Day?"

5. "What a genius! You are in your days, right?"

It is quite annoying to have the period so that we are also remembering. But hey, being bad or not wanting does not mean "being in those days." We have many hormonal changes throughout our lives, so it is no surprise that one day we are good and the next with a humor of a thousand demons (even all in one day). Let us be!

6. "When will the boyfriend/husband / baby?"

Enough. We do not all want to have children or life as a couple, and yes, it is also very respectable the decision of those who do want something or all of that but that it's obvious it is not a situation that defines us as women so stop making a great Fuss over the answer.

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