More than 13 million hits for “Make Money”! And now?

By | 15.03.2017

When it comes to money, if you have questions, ask the internet. For example, if the term “make money” is used in Internet search engines, more than 13 million hits are spooled. But what information is relevant? Which offer is reputable and whom can you trust?

Already, many Americans are overstretched and therefore act conservatively in their money supply. For instance, around 40 per cent of their assets are invested in cash or money deposits, but only 13 percent are invested in assets that are significantly more render and risk-proof. For the individual ‘s hard to understand and understand how the markets work and by what factors they are influenced.

For example, online reading is about political disputes in a part of the world, right after that you can discover a success report from a renowned company, and somewhere a new oilfield was discovered. Of course, such messages also have an impact – for example, on the markets and thus also on the development of a personal investment.

The time factor plays an increasingly important role. For even a quarter of a century, ago the dispatch of an e-mail between Europe and the US lasted about half an hour. Today, information is exchanged in seconds and depicted on the capital markets.

As a private investor, one is quickly overwhelmed at this point. You want a signpost, as in road traffic. Because if you drive a car to a traffic light crossing, you know that red is called stop, yellow for respect and you can go on green again. To this end, DWS has developed an investment traffic light for investors, which, in analogy to road signs with colors, clearly signals which investments should be viewed with particular caution and which investments are likely to develop positively. 

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