Make Money Online With Payoneer Affiliate [Refer A Friend]

By | 20.03.2017

Payoneer helps to receive payments from global companies, and it’s the first choice of freelancers when it comes to earning and managing money online. But do you know you can make money through Payoneer refer a friend or affiliate program? The best of all it’s super straightforward and free. 

Make Money Online With Payoneer Affiliate [Refer A Friend]

Make money by being a Payoneer Affiliate. Spread the word about Payoneer’s leading payment services and earn money. If you are a socially attractive and influential person, then start making money by telling your friends about Payoneer.

Earn money Through Your Network

Already have a Payoneer account? Invite your friends and receive $ 25 for each referred friend. The first thing to do is log into your Payoneer account. Get your referral link by clicking on “Refer a friend.” 
If you don’t have a Payoneer account, please consider reading this.

Where to share?

Share your private link to register with Payoneer through blogs, articles, emails, Facebook posts, and tweets. You will receive money for each new friend who signs up for Payoneer through your link.

Who can participate in the Payoneer Referral Program?

All active Payoneer users with a USD balance may be involved in the Payoneer Referral Program. You can only refer new customers. Existing users will not be approved for a new card.

There are no limits of referring friends. You can refer as many friends as you want! You will get a reward of $ 25 USD for each friend you refer, register for a Payoneer card and receive at least $ 100 USD (or equivalent in another currency) in payments on your card. Don’t forget to read its T&C.

How can I start using the Referral Program?

  • Login to your Payoneer Account
  • From the main menu, click Activity -> Refer a Friend.
  • Share your referral link using social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) or via email. Also, you can copy and paste your direct link into websites and blogs and other digital media.

What do my friends have to do so I can get my reward?

When your friends receive your link and click on it, they will be redirected to the application page for a Payoneer account. Once they have registered and received at least $ 100 in payments to their card, Both you and your friend will receive the reward. (Currently, the bonus amount is $25)

How can my friends get paid to be eligible for the prize?

Your referrals must receive payments from companies that pay through Payoneer, using the Global Payment Service (USD and EU) or through the Request a Payment service.

How can I see how many friends I have referred to and the number of prizes I have achieved?

It’s easy to check your reward details: 

  1. Shares – This is the total number of referrals with which you have linked your link using available methods. Below the circle is a summary of the total number, categorized according to the reference method.
  2. Signed up – The number of referrals that have been registered to Payoneer using your referral link. Below the circle is a summary of the total number, categorized according to the reference method.
  3. Earned – This is the number of money you have made to date through the Payoneer Referral Program. The total amount will appear along with the number of referrals that have received their reward. Below the circle is a summary of the total number, categorized according to the reference method with which your friend has registered with Payoneer.

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