How to Start Your Own Business Without Money

The first thing we ask ourselves when we think about entrepreneurship is how to start a business without money? Is that possible?  We have ...

The first thing we ask ourselves when we think about entrepreneurship is how to start a business without money? Is that possible? We have this idea that to create a successful company, we need big capitals, profitable business ideas and a lot of technical knowledge especially in finance and business management.

But from my own experience and because I talk to many successful entrepreneurs, that this is not so. You can start your own business from scratch without money, from home and right now.

How to Start Your Own Business Without Money
At the end of this article, you'll be able to start that project you so much time wish to have.

The most profitable business idea

We know you do not need a lot of money to start. The most profitable business idea is the value you have to offer, what problem you can solve for other people, and they are the ones who will pay for you to relieve a burden.
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Think about what you pay on a daily basis.

You pay a bus ticket, a taxi fare or gasoline at the service station. Why do you pay the taxi driver, the bus company or the owner of the gas station? Because you need to move from one place to another to go to work and they solve the problem. Thanks to them you do not need to walk and leave two hours before your house to arrive. That's why these people were able to create companies around that because many people have a problem and they solved it in different ways.

What else do you pay for on a daily basis?

You go to the supermarket, to a warehouse, to a pantry to buy food and items that you need for the house. Most people, especially in the major cities, do not grow all their food. So a clear need is to get food in some way. 
Those who have shops and supermarkets solve that problem. Everyone knows that if they need to get food, in these places they will be able to answer that need. And they are the ones who pay for it.

As you will see, in these simple and basic examples we know that to start a business, you do not need a revolutionary, innovative idea that no one came up with before. You need to identify a clear need for a group of people and have a product or service that can solve that problem.

Before we had an online store for feminine accessories. How did you come up with this idea? We ask ourselves "what can we make it easy and sell well all year?".
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Big mistake.

After 2 years of working with an idea based on just being sold and comfortable, we could not grow, and we did not enjoy what we did.

When we decide to focus on providing value, first think what need we can satisfy with what we have to contribute and create an idea from there, our business was born, and after more than a year we are convinced that this is the best way to start.

The best plan of activities will be the one in which the needs of other people with the real value that you have to contribute and solve your problems are conjugated.


Of course, in many cases, a lot of capital investment is needed in many business models. For example, if you want to create a box factory, you will probably need specific machines and a particular infrastructure for it.

But that is not a determinant. You can start your business without that significant capital and still have success.

The Accessory Store we have begun with $ 120 US Dollar. Although after a while we feel stuck and we decided to close it, we never lost money, and we made it profitable.

You do not have to have a store to start selling something. Nor do you need to have a super designed website to start an online business. You do not even have to have something in your hands to start selling it.

What you have to do is start. From there everything is profit, and everything you re-invest in your business will make it grow.

If the value you have to offer is in the form of a service, you can start by providing the service to those you know at a relatively low price. And if you are hired while giving that service you register everything you learn, what works and what does not. And by the time you have your second client, you will have improved the system and learned a lot.

This is a way to validate the idea you have too. If no one cares about the service, or if no one wants to pay you, then it may mean that there is no real need or that you are not selling it properly.

The whole experience of starting without giving more turns will serve to improve, change and perfect your product or service.


You can start a site on the Internet, you may want to create niche pages and sell advertising or set up a store and sell some product without knowing programming, without being an expert in online advertising or without having had many commercial premises before

There are three critical skills to be able to start your own business without having technical knowledge as an exclusionary requirement:

# 1 Know how to learn:

Nobody knows everything, and no one has to know everything. Each person is unique, each of us is excellent at something and not so good at other things. But we can all learn anything. That you have not studied something at the University does not mean that you can not learn it, doing a course, asking those who know more, or with the straightforward and powerful help of Google.

# 2  Delegate: 

Some things should be charged. If you are not an expert in graphic design, you can transfer the graphic design work that would take you a month to learn, to a person who can do it in two hours. Sometimes it is advisable to make the investment and delegate a job, to be able to use that week in tasks that it is indispensable that you do them yourself, tasks that are central to the business.

# 3 Working in a team: 

Always, but always, teamwork is worth gold. If you have a team to work with and complement you can get more achievements than anyone and complement what everyone knows. In SH we are four, super different, with different looks and abilities, and we organize to make the most of each one's talents. Thus, we all learn new things permanently, but we optimize the time when each one is in charge of what he can do better and what he knows best.


Yes, it sounds crazy, but a lot of great entrepreneurs who today enjoy having their businesses, working on what they like and having a much bigger freedom than when they depended on a job. And could not make decisions, they started their businesses while They worked in dependency relationships (in jobs of 8 hours a day or more).

If you do not believe me, here my friends, Javi and Rox tell how they built the businesses that today allow them to travel the world while they worked.
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How do they do that?

First of all, they have a clear purpose: 

They seek their independence, they want to have something of their own, they do not depend on or respond to others, they are very clear that they want freedom and to be able to make decisions and choose what to do and what not to do.
On the other hand, they know how to focus on what is important. If you do not learn to concentrate on the most important, what will bring you the most results, because it is tough that with a few hours a day you can have a business that you can live? But if you learn to identify what is essential, you focus on that, and you work hard, nothing can go wrong.

With that said and the examples that I left you above, it is clear that something brilliant that can save you a lot of time from blows and mistakes is to look at those who already achieved what you want to make, take their example and adapt it to your situation. Learn from them, ask for help, follow examples of those who found the path you want to follow.

I hope that if you got here, there are no excuses, to begin with, anything. It does not matter if you do not have time, capital or revolutionary ideas.
Focus on the most important, seek to solve a problem, bring value and stay on the road.


The most profitable business idea is one that allows you to address a real issue of real people who are willing to pay you for it, and where you can bring value.
You can start a business today without money.

You can start your own affairs without technical knowledge if you learn to learn, you can delegate what you need to charge, and you work as a team.
It is not essential that you spend 15 hours a day to get your business up and running. You can do it if you work hard and focus on the most important thing, in 20% of the activities that bring you 80% of the results.


Here is a brief and simple step by step guide to starting your business from scratch. If you need further help, don't hesitate to write to us in the comment box or in the contact form.

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