How to Make Your Business Even More Innovative

Whether it's a revolutionary product or a new service that no one had thought of until everyone needed it, innovation can give all smal...

Whether it's a revolutionary product or a new service that no one had thought of until everyone needed it, innovation can give all small businesses a competitive edge. 

But proposing new ideas is sometimes easier said than done. So how to make your business even more innovative? Here are a few tips:

How to be more innovative in business?

How to Make Your Business Even More Innovative
Involve all employees of the company.

Marketing managers, graphic designers, and other "thinkers" are usually involved in all creative processes, which sometimes results in the ideas being out of date. Stop limiting innovation to key leaders or suspects. It is by asking different departments to work together that you will provoke a spark, because it will allow people, as much as ideas, to leave their comfort zones. Yes, sometimes the most innovative ideas can come from front-line employees - after all, they are the ones who are in daily contact with customers, products, and services.

Start with your clients.

Do not innovate for the pure pleasure of innovating. You can actually waste valuable time developing a better gadget without asking yourself if the customer wants a better gadget. Conduct customer surveys, focus groups, and market research to highlight key client dissatisfaction. Listen to what they say about social media to get a better insight into their needs. Think about the gaps in their lives that could be filled by your products or services or innovative ways to better serve them.
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Keep all your ideas. 

Be sure to record the results of your brainstorming sessions and other creative efforts. You can just write it down on post-its or on a whiteboard, ask someone to film those meetings, take pictures of the whiteboard (or your notes) with a smartphone and download it all or, Ask someone to take notes (but if enthusiasm is overwhelming, it may be missing data). It is impossible to know if the "idea" will come from something that you have not paid attention at the time, so it is essential to be able to go back and refresh your memory.
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Choose your battles. 

Yes, you can offer a dozen fantastic innovations, but will you be able to develop each one? If you are like most small business owners, probably not. Once you have selected the best, be sure to assess their feasibility, costs and possible rewards. Do not limit yourself to one idea - try several will multiply your chances of success - but choose them carefully.

Invest a few resources in what will pay immediately and conserve energy for your primary purpose even if it takes some time before reaching it.
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Designate the Right People.

People are quick to ignite new ideas, but they may die in the bud if they are not taken care of by the good man, even if they seem extraordinary in the brainstorming session, Meninges. Choose the one who will be able to plan the next steps, making sure that things evolve. Regularly evaluate progress and do not lose sight of your goals to quickly determine if it is better to continue or if it is better to stop.

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