How to Increase traffic To Your Website

As your website sells goods and services, it is vital to expanding the number of people exposed to what you sell. The more customers you vis...

As your website sells goods and services, it is vital to expanding the number of people exposed to what you sell. The more customers you visit your site, the more likely you are to make a sale and stay ahead of the competition.

Take a look at our short and long term tactics to increase traffic to your website. More visits can mean more sales, and generating recognition for your products, services, and brand is also a valuable benefit. Visits today can become paying customers tomorrow.

How to Increase traffic To Your Website
Short-term strategies to increase traffic on your website

Improve your ad position: Enable customers to find your ad more quickly by increasing keyword bids to keep the ad in a prominent position on the search results page. If the typical situation of the ad is below three and you are not achieving daily goals, try to increase budgets to get a higher average position.

Zoom in: If your campaigns are targeted to a particular geographic area, you can modify your geo-targeting settings to include a larger market.

Keep abreast of new search terms: Search interests and conditions change continuously; Keep up to date on changes by reviewing and expanding your keyword list. Do not neglect the less common keywords, as they have a lower cost-per-click. Use Campaign Planner in Bing Ads to conduct a search for the most relevant and current keywords.

Reach more people: Get more looks at your ads by including the broad match in keyword match type strategy.

Longer-term strategies to increase website traffic

Provide more choices to customers: Help customers find what they're looking for faster by including ad links to additional pages on the site through site link extensions.

Experiment with ad text: Try different options to find which version works best in your ad. Be sure to explain how your business differs from speaking to the customer and delivering a clear call to action.

Get Ready for Mobile Devices: Get your website ready for mobile devices so that the clients can browse and shop on the go. Then get more visits by targeting ads to mobile devices.

Extend ads with partner sites: Add bids from content networks to extend reach. This exposes ads to potential customers, through partner sites, who are not necessarily looking for your products and services but are viewing related content.

Spy on your competition traffic to win visits

The method that I use today to try to generate traffic for my website is by analyzing the pages of my competition. For this purpose, I usually use SemRush, a fantastic online tool that I have already talked about in previous posts and that I am looking forward to dedicating a whole guide to show how to exploit its full potential.

What information will we get with this tool?

Much information and precious, but at this moment I would stay with these two sections:

Content better positioned by the competition

Do research for your competitors content SEO positions. Use SEMRush keyword research tool for free or paid. Build quality content for better positioning. This is the first and fundamental step to start generating traffic before a good Link Building strategy, which will be the goal of the second part of this guide.

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