How to Get People to Say "Yes"

As a business owner, it is important that you master the art of persuasion and learn to negotiate effectively. Some business skills can no...

As a business owner, it is important that you master the art of persuasion and learn to negotiate effectively.

Some business skills can not be taught in school. In my opinion, one of these is knowing how to negotiate to get a "yes." Sometimes it's hard to get people to understand your vision. Without being able to know what you eventually want to meet, they automatically tell you "no."

How to Get People to Say "Yes"
Business owners who work for themselves must quickly learn the power of persuasion, negotiate optimal terms. Whether you're trying to get money for your startup or coming up with the best terms for a loan for a yoga studio, it's good to master this art. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Add a human touch. 

Sometimes when we are in business mode, we forget to humanize the process. This can be harmful because no one wants to feel like it doesn't matter or they do not listen to it.

Lais Pontes, president and chief publicist at Grupo Pontes, Florida marketing agency, explains that " sometimes we forget to add a humanized touch. Remember to listen before you speak. You will be able to adequately account for the value of your product and why it is vital to the needs of your market. "

"A successful negotiator will create a situation where both parties leave happy."

 2. You must be willing to move. 

Moving the table shows that you are serious. Successful business owners know if something is worth their time. If you feel someone is looking at you, you need to know when to quit to keep your integrity and business intact.

It may be difficult to get out of a negotiation, but sometimes this can lead us to get exactly what we want, say the co-founders of a New York public relations agency Socially, Stephanie Abrams and Courtney Spritzer. If someone really wants to work with you, they will figure out the way to make it happen.

3. Know your non-negotiable issues. 

Negotiating is like dating someone. Before you get into that, you must know what would prevent you from doing so if you disagree with your business model. I can tell you from experience that people always suggest changing what you are doing. Sometimes his advice is valuable, others are not.

Abrams and Spritzer explain that business sometimes needs commitment. Try to find out what is most important to the other person and what is most important to you. Determine if there is any way for both parties to benefit and then give in some small details.

4. Work with people who do not try to change you. 

Rahama Wright, the founder of Shea Yeleen, a skin care company, says "It's important to deal with someone who sees the value in what you do and sees you as a partner, not as someone you can abuse."

Especially when you're just starting out, you can not let people go over you. You should always remember what you are worth.

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