How Manipulative People Use These 7 Tricks To Control You

With these 7 tricks, manipulative people try to control you. You should know  how to treat a manipulative person.  You have more to do wit...

With these 7 tricks, manipulative people try to control you. You should know how to treat a manipulative person. 

You have more to do with manipulators and psychopaths than you might initially suppose. Probably you have more than once encountered such a person or see him or her regularly - perhaps even in the workplace, more specifically in the executive committee. 

According to an Australian study by Bond University, one out of five managers is a psychopath.

How Manipulative People Use These 7 Tricks To Control You
Many of them are extremely manipulative, which, unfortunately, can not be seen at first sight - which makes them all the more dangerous.

Author and Consultant Keld Jensen has dealt intensively with this topic for "Forbes" and has recorded 7 indications to help you recognize if you are dealing with a manipulator. Here you are: 

They insulted you and disguised it as humor

Someone from your environment regularly hurt you through mean comments, which he conceals as humor? Then you have a manipulator.

If you notice that you are hurt or sad, a manipulator will accuse you of having no sense of humor. 
 "Do not deny your own feelings," advises Jensen. "Do not allow him to overreach you."

They change the subject to avoid taking responsibility

Anyone who points a manipulator to a bug will notice that he is trying to turn the conversation so that you are at the end of the villain. 
"You could, for example, make a mistake that you committed three years ago - often one that has absolutely nothing to do with the current circumstances."
It's about the person wanting to distract you from treating you badly. Jensen's tip: "Stay focused, do not be distracted, confused, or steered in the wrong direction. If the manipulator is not interested in a serious conversation, forget it. He is not worth your time."

On some days, they are compassionate, understanding and loving - and on other days the complete opposite

Whoever is an entirely different person from one day to the other, can not be trusted. 

"If someone talks about his former partners in a failing, aggressive or arrogant way, you should be careful," warns Jensen. Who knows - on another day you are perhaps the target of his insults.

They are throwing things for which they are responsible

The classic: someone is caught cheating. Instead of apologizing to his partner, the culprit accuses the partner of having flirted himself with other people.

"The Manipulator refuses or is not able to view his own behavior objectively."

You test your limits

Manipulators like to feel the boundaries of their fellow human beings. They want to see how far they can go. "Be steadfast, abide in what you think is right, and do not give up."

They use the "Gaslight" trick

"Gaslight" means deliberately lying and formulating words in such a way that you end up questioning your knowledge, your memories, your sight of the world, and sometimes even your healthy mind.

Manipulators like to use expressions like "it's never happened," "you're crazy" or "you just do not understand it." Just do not fall into it and remain faithful to your opinion. If you start to doubt your own words, you should discuss the subject again with a third person you can trust.

They will try to control you

The word "manipulator" actually reveals it: manipulators love to have control over the situation and the people. You feel the urge to play with your emotions and thoughts and gain control over it, without you noticing it and blaming yourself instead.

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