14 Habits Of Ridiculously Likeable People

Why do some people like everyone without making any effort? And others, despite the efforts, fail to fall well among others. Personal prom...

Why do some people like everyone without making any effort? And others, despite the efforts, fail to fall well among others.

Personal promotion through social networks is perhaps a good way to become known from a professional point of view and build a network of professional contacts. But no matter what form you have used, the profile of a social network can never completely convey all the charisma and outstanding characteristics of a personality.

Napoleon Hill, the author of the popular and fruitful book "Think and Grow Rich," describes one of his essays on people's habits, which are adored by those around them. 

14 Habits Of Ridiculously Likeable People
As an example of such a distinguished person, Hill used the personality of Charles Schwab, the tycoon of the steel industry. Due to his exceptional character, Schwab was able to build a professional path, ranging from a simple worker to a leader with an annual salary of $ 75,000, and regular bonuses in the form of sums of six zeros (astronomical figures for the time).

BusinessInsider magazine outlines the 14 habits described by Hill, which have people with exceptional personal qualities, who make others follow them:

1. They create a positive psychological, mental attitude and pollute others

It is always easy to be a cynic and a pessimist. But with these qualities is not easy to achieve success and earn a good reputation. But a positive attitude, on the other hand, contributes significantly to achieving these goals.

2. They always speak in a respectful, kind tone

Such people are always sure of what they say. Therefore, his speech is calm and consents, which makes it pleasant to hear.

3.  They listen carefully to their partners

Communication in an arrogant instructive way is an excellent way to satisfy your own ego, but it is a disastrous path for those who want to please their interlocutors and establish friendly relationships.

4.  They are able to maintain their composure in any situation

Too many emotional reactions, both positive and negative, can create a wrong impression about the person. Remember that silence is often much more efficient in transmitting information with the interlocutor, rather than words full of negative emotions.

5.  They are quiet

The relevance of words and facts, this is one of the most important qualities, which people appreciate and respect for others.

6.  They are impartial and open

Individuals who are closed to new ideas and who maintain relationships only with like-minded people, not only lose the opportunity for personal development, but also an opportunity for professional growth.

7.  They smile, talking to other people

Hill argues that the most valuable property of US President Franklin D. Roosevelt was its enormous $ 1 million smile. It was she who involuntarily made her interlocutors more open during communication.

8.  They know that it is not necessary to express all their thoughts

These people know that you should not offend people, expressing all your feelings, even if these beliefs are real.

9.  They do not like to be late

Slowness is an indication that you are afraid to act. Which in turn is a sign of their lack of effectiveness?

10.  They do at least one real action each day

They help others, without expecting anything in return

11.  They do not complain about defeats, they learn from them

People admire those who with dignity know how to accept and overcome failure. Excited people are grateful for the wisdom that gave them life, which would not have come to them, had they not had to deal with failure.

12.  They treat their peers as if they were the most influential people in the world

Most of them use communication as a method to get to know their interlocutor, so they give him the opportunity to talk.

13.  They know how to praise others sincerely, without hypocrisy

They do not lose the opportunity to appreciate others, but they do it only when the praise is actually deserved.

14.  They have a person whose opinion they hear about their own shortcomings

Successful people do not pretend to please others, to please those around them. They please others as they really are. One of the secrets is that they are always perfecting their behavior and reputation. And the presence of a person who tells you about the defects helps them to continue the process of personal growth.

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