Crowdfunding as an opportunity for financing and investment

Crowdear is a new crowdfunding platform based on the rewards system and focused on boosting the national industry in Argentina. The emerg...

Crowdear is a new crowdfunding platform based on the rewards system and focused on boosting the national industry in Argentina.

The emergence of new platforms of crowdfunding in the world is a phenomenon that has been living since 2012, and which augurs in the next five years, continue to grow not only in the number of companies owning such platforms. But also in the amounts of transactions Annual as well as the average value of each of the operations carried out by this new modality.

Crowdfunding as an opportunity for financing and investment
Crowdfunding connects projects that need to be financed by a pool of investors, who make small economic contributions so that projects can get the sum they require.

Investors always receive something in return for their collaboration. And this goes from rewards (pre-purchases of products that do not yet exist. or have not been produced at a price lower than that which would later be acquired in the market), a percentage of the stock package (Equity) or an interest plus the capital invested (debt).

Crowdear is a new crowdfunding platform based on the rewards system and focused especially on boosting the national industry through a large number of people who are inventing something. Who want to improve people's lives from the things they use every day, Interviewed its founder, Brian Blisniuk to tell us a little more about this new release.

How did the concern of undertaking in crowdfunding arise?

For more than three years I have been a consumer of crowdfunding. Both in what is rewards, donations, and actions in startups. My grandfather was a traditional entrepreneur, my father was a technological entrepreneur, and I always wanted to be independent.

A year ago I decided to start with my project: it was technological. When it came to seeking to finance, my first option was to do it with corporate investment. Not only for the money but to make it known and see if users were interested in the idea. So, when I started looking for the best platform to upload it, in the region, I did not find one with users consuming creative projects.

The best option was to do it abroad, but the difficulty of breaking the cultural barriers and having to move my entire business plan there made it disregard the crowdfunding option.

So it was that I came up with a crowdfunding platform for creative entrepreneurs. More projects will be born in our region thanks to local consumers.

What is the initial focus?

While in Crowdear you can upload all kinds of projects, we will focus on Technology, Design, Environment and Games. We also hope to have a lot of projects for, for example, Health and Education, but through technology, they want to change things.

How do you plan to scale the business?

We will seek to get to know Crowdear but, above all, let everyone know what crowdfunding is.

We are currently making agreements with incubators, accelerators, and seedlings to create their campaigns on our platform. Thus, all projects will be of excellent quality, both the product and the team behind the idea.

We intend to be in each event that invites us; we are giving talks in coworking spaces, setting up workshops in our offices. We hope that many entrepreneurs see that they have alternative ways to finance themselves. The online presence is also critical, especially to attract potential consumers so that these entrepreneurs can make their projects a reality.

While we receive proposals to expand with strategic partners towards Latin America, we hope to secure ourselves well in Argentina first for about a year, take the big leap and start to compete in the whole southern cone.

What are your prospects for the sector in the coming years?

According to the world's largest statistical firm, crowdfunding is a business that projects annual and sustained growth of 120% by 2020. That means that more projects will seek to fund this way, and many people will help financially to make ideas Take life.

Crowdfunding already made the leap in quality in North America, Europe, and Asia in the last period. Now it's up to us. We hope to live up to what our users ask us, to grow slowly and position ourselves as an active player within the Latin American corporate financing.

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