What Is Bing Rewards And How To Check It’s Dashboard?

By | 11.03.2017
Microsoft Rewards Program

Microsoft rewards or Bing rewards offers users to earn free credits for using www.bing.com or other Microsoft’s products. Bing rewards can be redeemed for gift cards and participation in different Microsoft’s store products.

After setting up an account on Microsoft reward program, you can earn points by searching with www.bing.com on your phone and computer. You can also earn points by participating in programs loyalty, through special offers on the Bing website and when referring friends to Bing’s rewards program.

Bing Rewards Dashboard

Need to check your free credits? You can check it anytime by visiting the Bing Rewards Dashboard wich is customized for you. Don’t forget to be logged in before you start earning rewards and even for checking balance.
If you have successfully logged in to your Microsoft account, you will see your free credit score and name. For some user, they don’t see first time because they weren’t logged in correctly. Check it again if you can’t see your rewards.

Bing rewards is now Microsoft rewards

Recently, Microsoft has announced that they are going to change the bing rewards to Microsoft rewards. All its user (in the particular area) were getting paid for searching on bing.com since few years. Now users will get the same thing for Microsoft Windows 8, 10 edge browser and other products.

The concept of bing rewards won’t affect after it changes the name. Users will get freebies for using its service. Like many, they use the higher they will get.

If you do not yet have a Bing Rewards account, visit the introduction page and click the“Try It Now, Free” button to set up an account and start earning credits.


Win while you search

You can earn up to 15 credits per day by searching with Bing.com on your computer and up to 10 per day by searching on your mobile device.

After making sure that you are logged in to your account, visit the Bing website when you need to search the web and earn one point for every two searches on your computer or smartphone, up to the daily limits.

Check to receive special offers

Microsoft often publishes special offers on the Bing Rewards Dashboard that allow you to earn extra points for things such as answering trivia questions, installing Bing Browser extensions, and reading promotional materials for Microsoft products and current movies.
Visit the Bing reward dashboard often to click on any offer you might want to use to help you earn those extra points.

Go for the gold

You can maximize your Bing Rewards credits by achieving special status levels in the site loyalty program.

After you have completed a welcome tour linked on the status levels page, you won at least 200 credits and charged in your credits for at least one reward, you will be eligible for Silver status, and you will get 50 bonus credits.

When you have earned 750 credits and make at least 150 free reward searches every month, you will be granted Gold status, and you will get a 10 percent discount when you trade in your gift card credits and other prizes.

Tell Your Friends

You can also earn up to 750 extra credits by inviting friends to Bing Rewards.

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Visit the Share friends buttons page to share your personal reference code on Twitter and Facebook, and a link that can be shared via text messages, email, or instant messaging.

For each friend who registers and reaches the status of silver, you will win an extra 150 credits, up to 750 total.

Redeem Bing credits

After you have earned enough credits, visit the Redeem exchange page for prizes such as raffle tickets, gift cards for retailers, and big points for airline programs and reward hotels.

If you prefer, you can also donate your points to one of the several different charities.
You can earn points from the Microsoft Bing search engine and trade in gift cards, take part in sweepstakes and other rewards.

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