7 Signs That You Are Too Smart For Your Job

No one likes to feel that their skills are underutilized or that their potential is wasted. It is a relatively mixed feeling. According to a...

No one likes to feel that their skills are underutilized or that their potential is wasted. It is a relatively mixed feeling. According to a recent study, 35% of millennia with an undergraduate degree believe that their first jobs did not require a higher education diploma.

Of course,  having graduated does not make you a more intelligent candidate than those who do not. Everyone can be too smart for the job he occupies, because too graduated or just in the wrong job, in the wrong sector or bad business.

7 Signs That You Are Too Smart For Your Job
Here are some signs that it's probably time to find a new challenge: 

1. You are bored

Bored consistently is the clearest signal that you are too smart for your work, according to a LinkedIn post from Liz Ryan, CEO, and founder of Human Workplace. "If you're overwhelmed to the point of asking yourself a lot of sugar and caffeine to stay awake, then you're not in your shoes," Ryan says. 

Michael Kerr, lecturer and author of " The Humor Advantage, " says that getting bored does not necessarily mean nothing. "You may be all the time doing other things or helping other projects out of boredom and to stimulate your mind.

2. You do not need to make any effort

Tasks that do not scare you seem to be a problem for the rest of the team. Of course, it's great to be comfortable and above average in some areas, but if you surpass everyone all the time, it may be a chance to realize that you are too skilled. 

"If you finish all that you ask and do more, it could be a sign that you are too smart for your role," said Ryan Kahn, career coach, founder of  The Hired Group, and Author of "The Guide to the Recent Grad." This is an excellent sign and a reason to apply for a promotion if you can excel at your position and to charge you for projects with greater responsibility and added value. "

3. Your colleagues are stuck in their place

If your colleges fail to follow when you explain a complex idea or are opposed to rethinking certain things because "we have always done that," it may be a sign that they do not stimulate you intellectually. Even if they are friendly and hard-working, it will not do you much to stay in a position that does not push you. "You do not improve by playing with people who play in one (or two or three) divisions below, " Ryan says.

4. You do not learn anything

A job should always offer learning opportunities, whether you are unhappy at work or completely excited about what you are doing. If you find that you no longer have anything to learn in your job, it is probably time to step up or change business.

According to Kerr, there is a lack of intellectual stimulation in the workplace, when one experiences more and more "boredom, lack of energy and lack of motivation in the face of the current workload, to the point of being often distracted or Deconcentrated to the point of no longer doing his job properly. "

5. Your leader has no vision

"You can not have the sacred fire while working for someone who does not know what a vision is or where to find one,  " Ryan said. Your leader should be someone you can learn from and with whom you can exchange ideas. If he has no idea how to develop his service or advance your career, it is proof that he does not have much to offer you.

6. You are

"You tend not to talk in a meeting because you are afraid that the participants will take you for a gentleman or madam, or you are trying to get noticed," Kerr said.

7. You have reached the point of managing your superiors

"We all make mistakes, but if you realize that you're constantly resuming the work of your leaders or identifying opportunities to improve it, it's probably a sign that you're too smart, For your position, "says Kahn. 

For Kerr, if you spend your time looking at your leader and thinking you could do his job, then you probably deserve a promotion.

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