5 Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness

One of the most popular words right now is branding . In fact, if you read any portal or blog marketing you will see that this word is named...

One of the most popular words right now is branding. In fact, if you read any portal or blog marketing you will see that this word is named non-stop. But, What is branding and what is it for? Do SMEs and freelancers also need to develop their brand? And the most important: Does it really help to sell more?

What is branding?

For many people talking about branding or marketing is the same. There is no difference. However, they are 2 concepts that have nothing to do. While marketing seeks to increase sales through better control of the market, with branding, we reinforce our brand concept to attract customers.
"Branding is the intelligent, strategic and creative management of all those elements that differentiate a brand's identity (tangible or intangible) and contribute to the construction of a brand promise and a distinctive, relevant, complete and sustainable brand experience in the weather".

The marketing has evolved significantly over the years. While in its beginnings everything revolved around the product now everything moves by and for the client. If you have a company and you are thinking about strengthening your branding strategy, keep reading below the 5 keys to enhance your brand.


The marketing of content is one of the subjects with greater travel in these moments. If you create a blog on your website where you offer interesting posts or videos, you will get more engagement.
And as a consequence, greater respect for a brand.


Another key point is customer service. Now that we are in the middle of the digital era, we need to strengthen this field even further, so that the clients can easily contact us.

Social networks are now one of the hottest points for this topic. Not infrequently, mismanagement of networks results in a communication crisis.
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To achieve a stable emotional bond with the client, it is best to be as fair and transparent as possible. We must live up to what the buyer expects from the company.

Our speech must be real and fulfill the promises we make. And if we make a mistake, the best option will always be to be transparent and recognize it.


Co-branding is an interesting strategy that emerges at the beginning of the 1990s. It is increasingly common for 2 brands to join together for the sole purpose of seeking an economic benefit for both.

In a way, we could consider co-branding as the ultimate expression of a strategic one. Carrying out a  co-branding strategy can be a lot of effort, but it is also likely to deliver results to the same extent.
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What aspects are important in the co-branding?

As we have said before, the biggest benefit of co-branding is that it helps increase the perceived value of both brands. However, in addition to this, there are also other advantages such as:

  • It reinforces the positioning of the brand.
  • It allows sharing the investment between the material and the advertising.
  • It allows us to "take advantage" of the positioning of the allied brand to avoid having to create a brand from scratch with all the financial expense that that means.
  • It allows sharing the distribution channels of each of the brands so as to become more widely known and reach the target audience first.

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The role of the Internet in our day to day life is so powerful that the presence of a brand in the digital environment is indispensable. It seems that if a company does not appear on any web or any social network does not exist.

  • Website: Every small business that is must have its own website. This web should be in line with the image that is projected in the offline environment. The key to the branding strategy is to make the presence of the brand in the network constant so as to prevent consumers from looking at the competition.
  • Interact in social networks: social networks do not directly influence sales, but rather serve to generate opinion and win followers. At present, there are many social networks, but not all serve the same in the business world. For example, YouTube will help you share audiovisual content about our products and services. On the contrary, Twitter will serve as a means of serving the customer.
  • Mobile marketing: more and more people are accessing the Internet through their cell phones. That is why it is critical that the company website is visible in all types of devices that exist in the market. On the other hand, there are the apps that are so famous now. There are more and more companies that believe that investing in a good app is critical to the enterprise.
  • Search for influencers to position the brand: sure that when you are thinking about buying a particular product or service, you tend to look for someone you have already bought in that company to know your experience.
In the case of the Internet, the company carefully chooses someone who is influential within society to advertise their brand. The selected ones are usually people who are known or have a large number of followers on their social networks.

As you see branding strategies need a hard and constant work because at the slightest error the brand can be significantly harmed.

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