5 Simple Methods to be More Intelligent

Have you ever wondered how you could be smarter? The majority of advice that is usually given in these cases are mental exercise and study, ...

Have you ever wondered how you could be smarter? The majority of advice that is usually given in these cases are mental exercise and study, study a lot. In fact, there is no reason, that is, studying is a useful technique, but it requires a lot of time and effort. That's why I've always wondered if there will be another method faster and easier? And I discovered that yes, there is. If you want to be smarter without being 12 hours a day in the library with your elbows, take note of these tips.

5 Simple Methods to be More Intelligent
Thinking of becoming more stylish overnight won't make you smart. Taking appropriate actions may increase your chances to make intelligent. Therefore, Here are three simple strategies you can apply to get smart.

1. Epicatechin

Did you know that drinking cocoa or green tea gives your brain substances that make you smarter?

Scientists at the University of Calgary, Canada, discovered that epicatechin, a substance found in some plants like cocoa and green tea, has direct effects on the brain. The scientists did an experiment with snails and concluded that they were able to remember some simple tasks when given a dose of epicatechin. But not only was it experimented on animals, but these benefits of epicatechin were also tested with humans and gave very positive results.

According to a study published in Nature Neuroscience, a group of 37 patients between 50 and 69 years consumed 900 milligrams daily for three months. The experiment made the memory of patients rejuvenate 30 years. Incredible right? Well, we can apply this technique too, and it's not very difficult. Also, for lovers of tea or chocolate, is great news.

However, Marcos Chicot recommends us, for better results, to ingest this substance by taking green tea capsules with a high concentration of epicatechin (EGCG).

2. Caffeine

We all already know the effects of caffeine on our body. Therefore, it is not surprising to see how the tables in the Coca Cola or Red Bull cans libraries fill up as the test season approaches. It is known that the levels of alertness provided by caffeine increase our cognitive activity. But what we do not all know, is that caffeine also increases our memory.

A study by Johns Hopkins University has shown that a dose of 200 mg of caffeine increases learning even after taking the study session. So if you are in the test period, you will be fine to have a well-loaded coffee.

3. Intellectual activity

Marcos Chicot recommends that we leave the TV and read more. It is evident that it is much more beneficial for our brain to read a novel than to consume junk programming. Why? The reason is that when we are in front of a screen, our brain activity is much lower than if we were reading. And what consequences does this have? Very easy. If we do not exercise our brain with activities that stimulate neural connections, which make us think, these connections weaken and even disappear. That's why they say the TV stuns.

4. Physical exercise

Did you know that sport is not only beneficial to our body, but also to our brain?

Studies have shown that physical exercise increased the size of a brain structure called the hippocampus. How does this benefit us? What it does is improve our memory and make us learn much faster and more efficiently. Already our Greek ancestors said, "Men's same incorporate so." If we improve our physical activity, besides being in shape, it will be noticed in our intelligence.

5. Social contact

Who would tell us that such an everyday activity and fun as talking with friends was going to prove to be a technique that does not make a little more intelligent? Yes, it is. We better stimulate our brains in society. Therefore, one of the best techniques to improve your intelligence is to surround yourself with people who bring you new knowledge and perspectives. Always surround yourself with the best. Marcos Chicot argues that "social contract requires the brain to maintain some degree of attention, be alert." So you already have the perfect excuse to go out with friends and spend those long afternoons chatting in the bar. Nothing so much fun was so good.

I hope you liked this article. But if you do not convince these theories, you can always try reading this interesting article:  Movies and series that will help you expand your mind.

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