5 Great Tips for Scattered Entrepreneurs

Many things are going on around, and it is tough to be efficient in accomplishing your tasks. To concentrate effectively, it is important to...

Many things are going on around, and it is tough to be efficient in accomplishing your tasks. To concentrate effectively, it is important to know what care is about and why you become distracted. The dispersion is an evil that afflicts many business owners and creative, especially for the young entrepreneurs.

That's why I share these five tips that, spinning, show us a good way to deal with this problem. 

5 Great Tips for Scattered Entrepreneurs
1. Do not live thinking that you need a lot of money to start

Most entrepreneurs believe that it is necessary to take care of many factors to start with, among them money, and all they do is disperse into creative ideas, passing from one to another, becoming The abandoners of the previous project due to lack of one or another resource (not always monetary). Lovers of the thousands of projects seldom do anything because their effort is scattered in a thousand ways. It is true that you will require resources, but have been denied credit, or want to start with all the luxuries or infrastructure, may be a perfect excuse to jump from one project to another. Watch out!

2. Focus on a unique product 

Even if you are dispersed and want to eat the world. Focusing on a single product in advertising, business and brand building will, in addition to projecting a substantial degree of expertise, direct your attention and effort in one direction, which increases the possibility of success according to your powers.

3. Impacts on the market as soon as possible and continues to change

The significant problem of many dispersed entrepreneurs is that they are little concerned about making themselves known in a conscious and disciplined way ... and establishing mechanisms of recall and presence in the market. Acting in this direction will get you have a constant presence in your environment because it is no use having visited a customer six months ago, because, believe me, "security is no longer present in your mind."

4. Spend to spend

The vast majority of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs scattered, who start to have to bill, begin to pay like new riches! Obvious, on new projects, because theirs is the dispersion. If you do not have money, and the money you have you spend instead of investing, how are you going to grow? Calm: enter and accumulate, accumulate and accumulate for a particular time. Yes, invest, but in what you know that already worked (previous point); If that has already worked, continue with the format, What did you do or did you do to make it happen favorably? (Invest but do not bother spending again as an impulsive better of your business.)

5. If you have already succeeded in a project or product, multiply it

More than 50% of companies that were successful with something, thunder because they wanted to cover other niches, generate new products ahead of time or diversify their income in various investments. So invest in the same, hit hard on what you leave; When there is really enough, you can play with other things. 
Wait, hold on, do not want to feel like a whole business group! If you feel nervous about wanting to do much more, try to occupy yourself a lot before dispersing or diversifying. 
Dedicate yourself to systematizing and polishing to perfection what you have, or continue training in generating customers with the format you saw worked. But remember that focus, discipline, and guidance in one direction is what will sooner or later give you success.

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