Leadership characteristics: 5 Qualities of a Good Leader

Whatever the big names of leaders come to mind, they have good reasons to consider them as a successful leader . Do you know, "what are...

Whatever the big names of leaders come to mind, they have good reasons to consider them as a successful leader. Do you know, "what are the qualities of a good leader helped them to achieve their positions?"

  • What is the standard character of all great leaders?
  • What qualities will make you a successful leader?

In the following lines, you will find a grouping of key features that will make you a great leader!

Leadership characteristics: 5 Qualities of a Good Leader
Generally, such a person can be distinguished from the first glance. It would take too long to cite all the qualities that make a leader. Moreover, we are all different, so we can all become leaders in a very different way: Napoleon and Gandhi are great leaders. Yet, everything contrasts on form, and much on the bottom.
However, with a bit of observation, we quickly notice that despite their differences all the leaders have points in common. 

5 Qualities of a Good Leader

1) They focus on emotions and relationships.

Leaders who only think about results get worse than those who value their relationships more. Good leaders make strong connections, and they change behavior by addressing the feelings of others.

2) They use their intuition.

Intuition is a tool we all have but do not use often. We forget it, or it disconnects because we stop listening. Or, we have an intuitive feeling, and we choke it into ourselves by using logic.
The best leaders use their intuition and make decisions.
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3) They know themselves 

Self-knowledge is the beginning of wisdom and an essential condition for becoming a good leader. By knowing exactly what your gaps are, and how deep they are, you know what kind of people you need to surround yourself to train, or take charge of what you will never learn.

4) They give direction

To get moving, everyone needs to understand where to go. A great leader knows how to communicate the direction he proposes, specifying why. He thus inscribes his proposal in the continuity between the past of the situation of yesterday and the future of the future that he is building.

5) They inspire others!

Show others why their work is significant and meaningful. This will encourage them to work better and to make sense in their job. Your employees are not always convinced by what you do from the start. But they will be because of the reason that pushes you to do it and how you integrate them into your "vision." 
So always strive to give your employees supreme confidence and showcase their qualities.
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By developing these few conditions, you put all the chances on your side to become a great leader!

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