4 Multitasking Mistakes You’re Screwing Up Your Productivity

By | 10.03.2017

Consciously or unconsciously you may be doing things that prevent you from yielding efficiently. I would ask you to stop multitasking to improve your productivity. 

Students, workers, housewives, entrepreneurs, freelancers, all look for ways to take advantage of time and be more productive. However, most tend to make mistakes that prevent performance in your daily activities.

3 Multitasking Mistakes You're Screwing Up Your Productivity

It is not about increasing hours a day, shorter distances, fewer events and times for family, personal, academic or work areas. The problem is that, consciously or unconsciously, you may be doing things that result in self-sabotage. It’s time to say enough and know the 4 main mistakes you should avoid to be more productive.

1. Do many things at once

There are times when, because of the workload, with many activities to do, you want to do everything at the same time to “move forward.” Despite what you believe, doing many activities at the same time, the only thing that causes is that you start everything without finishing anything. Even though many people develop the ability to do many things at the same time, listening to music while doing homework, or talking to each other alternately with work, doing two jobs at once is a grave mistake that causes unproductiveness.

The idea is always to start an activity, continue it until it is finished and start the next event. Doing one thing at a time will allow you to take advantage of your time and potential, giving space and time to each one. It is preferable to make a list prioritizing activities, either for the time that needs to be invested in them, the delivery dates or start with the most important ones.

2. Leave everything to the last moment

Do you consider yourself to be one of the most productive people working under pressure? Perhaps the phrase “I work best when I feel the adrenaline of time over,” don’t cheat! To leave everything for the last moment, day or hour, the only thing that causes is that you press and do everything in a hurry.

Set your times and times for each activity. This way you will plan the time you can take to do each one. It is important to consider spaces to be able to rest, eat, distract and perform personal routines, such as physical activity or personal hygiene.

3. Do not set deadlines

When you have many activities to do but manage your times, the unproductiveness appears. You can give too much time to a project that did not require it and shorten what you had destined for a longer job.

It is better to determine deadlines for doing the duties pending. In addition to helping you become more productive, it will allow you to be disciplined. It is important that you respect the deadlines that you put. Otherwise, you would return to the error that prevents you from being productive.

4. Distracting you with everything

Social networks, television, cell phones, even the environment in which you are doing your schoolwork or work can distract you. When you work at home, it is very tempting to take care of other things, such as ordering your space, doing other household duties, thinking about what you need to buy, receipts to pay, etc.

The idea is to avoid temptation. Disconnect your cell phone from social networks, if you are working on the computer avoid opening them. You can take the time to review them, but make it short. For example, 5 minutes per hour working. It is best to work in a space where you can feel comfortable, but not so comfortable. A cafeteria or library are good options, try to choose those that do not have decorative elements that can distract your sight and mind.

If you need to improve your concentration to avoid distracting you, the ideal thing is to look for techniques of studies that help you to perfect your attention.

It is important that you learn to know yourself. Determine the times of the day, place and times when your productivity increases. Find those moments in which, no matter how hard you try, you can not concentrate, and you commit all the mistakes already mentioned.

Above all, trust in yourself, in your abilities and skills, recognize your creative and productive potential.

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