15 Keys To Implementing A Little Budget Marketing Strategy

Do you want to know some low-cost mark eting strategies for your small business?  Do you want to position your brand but have a limited bud...

Do you want to know some low-cost marketing strategies for your small business? Do you want to position your brand but have a limited budget? Today you have thousands of options online and offline to advertise your business with a minimum investment.

As always in the business world, creativity is often a perfect weapon to achieve extraordinary results. Are you uninspired?

15 Keys To Implementing A Little Budget Marketing Strategy
Continue reading this post, and you will discover the best ideas to reach your target audience with super effective actions and an irresistible ROI.

Take note!
Not only that traditional communications still take place, but they can deliver astounding results. The key is to know what the new trends are. Discover them!

Low-Cost marketing strategies

Build a Solid Networking: 

If your business is dedicated to B2B, professional contacts will be the key to your success. Create your own network of contacts and connect with your target audience to generate new opportunities.

Highlights your presence in events: 

Discover which are the most important that will have in place in the area and participate with a stand, as a speaker or if you can in the role of sponsor. Remember to bring some merchandising and most importantly, take advantage to generate strategic alliances or connect with potential customers.

Always carry business cards with you: 

You never know where you can find your next client. Let no one find you unprepared! Design original cards that attract your attention and take advantage of every opportunity for everyone to have one of them!

End your transactions on a personal basis:

Many times you have to call the phone or even a visit if you really want to empathize with your client and achieve better results. You may have had the first contact with an event or an online channel, but personal attention always retains its unique appeal. Do not despise her!

What awaits you in the online world

Do you think that with a small budget the alternatives are minimal? You're wrong! The latest trends bring you multiple options to reach your target with the most efficient strategies.

Take note again, that many new ideas come!

Get the most out of Email Marketing. 

It is an economical tool that offers the highest ROI among digital. You do not have an account yet? Doppler allows you to create one for free and take advantage of all the functionality to reach your Subscribers with fabulous Campaigns, without having to have a designer or programmer in your team. Do not lose this chance!

Use analytics in your favor: 

Another fundamental tool for your strategy and that will not demand any extra money injection is web analytics. Study the traffic that comes to your site, find out what channels it came in, how long your session lasted, what pages on your web work better and more. Get to know Google Analytics!

Make primary contests: 

You can use tools like Social Tools to create contests and promotions that maximize your marketing results. It is very easy to use, and you can virtualize your actions to maximize your arrival. A must-have tool!

Create a Blog

Be sure to offer quality content that is of high interest to your target audience. Remember that Inbound Marketing is the key to any strategy today. Also, it will help you improve your SEO position and increase traffic to your site. A powerful tool!
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Increase your online presence: 

Spend a couple of hours a week to track all the comments in networks and forums that relate to your brand or the product/service you offer. Participate in them with comments that add value to the community and publish a link so that everyone knows your brand. The Branding is an essential element in your strategy!

Add testimonials on your website: 

For your future customers, there will be no more reliable source than other users who have used your service or product. If you add an image with the face of each of them, the degree of closeness will multiply and, therefore, the confidence generated. Do not hesitate!

Look for strategic alliances: 

Find companies that offer complementary services to yours and offer to execute actions for both to benefit. Make sure the brands have a good reputation and a lot of reach to your target audience so that the efforts are worth it!

Generate Images and Infographics: 

Today they are a communication tool of the most active. They demand little time to the reader and are super attractive. There are tools like ArtStudio and Easel.ly to design them in an easy way and then publish them to all your channels. Take them!

Grow Your Database:

Having extensive and well-focused lists for your target is the key to maximizing your performance. With Social Tools, you can create a Form and incorporate it into your Fan Page. Also, you should bring them to your Site, Blog and in each place of interaction with your target audience.

Study the competition: 

What do you have to know about it? All. What are the services it offers, what are its differentials, what channels do you use to reach your audience, what are their biggest weaknesses, their prices, and their communicational tone. So you can better build your own strategy and, why not ?, Inspire you with some ideas! 

Establish relationships to do Guest-postings: 

Do you know what it is? To participate as a guest author in other blogs that target your target and have a very high reputation and arrival. This will help you get to know your brand, position yourself better and bring traffic to your own website. Of course, the other person should also have access to your Blog. It's a win and wins!

Offers free training: 

Provide training courses or short Webinar can provide you unique benefits. With this, not only will you be helping your community to form itself to become a quality lead for you, but also you will be loyalty and become a reference for him. You can even sell through these actions!

Integrate your Online and Offline actions

If you want to achieve amazing results, our best advice is that you can maintain an absolute coherence between the messages you communicate through the online and offline media.

What do we mean? To always maintain the same communicational tone that identifies the brand, beyond having some flexibility to adapt it to the characteristics of each channel.

On the other hand, it is important that all media are synergized and have the same information to assist your customers in the best way. That will make an important difference.

Start now to implement your Marketing Strategy

From all these tips, you are sure to have work to entertain yourself for a long time. You see that these are super economic policies and you will be surprised with the results you can get.

If you actually want to implement a solid marketing strategy, do not miss any of these options. If you decide to invest a little more, you also have the possibility of doing web advertising, both in search engines like Google, and through Social Networks.

This is for another post; For now, and focusing on how to implement plans with a small budget, with these tips that we have shared with you will achieve a performance r rolled; you will see.

Start working now, there is much ahead! Just tell us how you've gone. Have you already implemented any of these strategies? Do you have others to share? We want to know your experience!

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