10 Money-Saving Tips for Moms

By | 09.03.2017

It may seem harsh to start saving money as a new parent. But it’s always wise to start with a small amount. As a financial advisor for stay at home moms, I will share ten money saving tips for moms, what will be helpful to establish another good habits and future for the kids.

10 Money-Saving Tips for Moms

Being a mom transforms you in a way you can not imagine. So much that many things that we did not pay much attention to them suddenly become indispensable, as is the case of looking to save a little more every day.

Ten practical ways to save more money:

1. Pay yourself first: 

It is easy to lose sight of our savings if we leave it to the end. So as soon as you get the fortnight, pay yourself first. That savings consider it a fixed expense and make it a priority.

2. Take advantage of the offers: 

The offers have a positive seasonality, meaning that according to the season they appear. Put them on your calendar so you can take advantage of them, for example, to buy clothes from small or school supplies. 

3. Wholesale: 

Sometimes buying things individually is not so good, especially when our little ones consume certain things continuously. Analyze this situation and choose to buy wholesale, this way you will save time and go to the super.

4. Explore new brands: 

Saving has a lot to do with exploring. Sometimes the products we buy by habit are not the best options. Do not fall for it! And test new products that will make your family happier and pass to your wallet.

5. Make lists of everything: 

Being a mom – and more if you work – forces you to be organized. The best way to do this is with files and records of household expenses. These notes will prevent you from spending on things you do not need, and you will know how much money you have available and how much not.

6. Do not spend the money you do not have: 

Moms understand this very well. We know that you have to borrow only when it is absolutely necessary because doing so involves making a lot of adjustments that affect the whole family.

7. Craving against necessity: 

It is the typical scenario where you have to decide if you buy a modern refrigerator that almost speaks or a simpler one, but that covers your needs. Which one do you choose?

8. Money management wisely: 

Sometimes we have to be the bad story, but someone has to manage the income of the house so that everything goes out the best possible, pay for services, tuition, holidays, birthdays, etc. Talk to the whole family and get them involved, so they understand what the thing is and share the financial plans.

9. Teach your children to save: 

Saving is a habit, and if it develops from an early age, it is easier to keep up with the years. Also, children learn the importance of money and care for it. Start sowing that seed in your kids through your ‘Sunday’ or allowance. He even opens an investment account so that when they get to college, they already have a heritage to start with.

10. Share your tips: 

If you have some savings secrets, pass it on to other moms. Be sure that they will give you yours. And who knows and at the end you write even a book.

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