Which Program is best for me, Refer a Friend or Affiliate Program?

By | 21.02.2017

Payoneer Affiliate program is one of the high paying referral programs in the market. You will get paid per referral sign up successfully through your unique link. The payoneer refer a friend terms and conditions are easy to follow. 

Which Program is best for me, Refer a Friend or Affiliate Program? 
The answer to this question is based on the relationship that exists between you and the person you refer.

Which Program is best for me, Refer a Friend or Affiliate Program?

In affiliate marketing, the affiliate does not know the potential customer personally. They are unlikely to go out for a beer after work or talk about their professional life. Those who work in affiliate marketing earn a living by suggesting products or services to a group of people they do not know, exclusively for the purpose of obtaining an economic benefit.

Relationships in referral marketing is a bit more personal. It is true that there is often a reward, but the main reason people refer their friends is that they actually want to recommend excellent products or services that they believe will be beneficial to their buddies.
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Still not sure? We provide you with more information on both programs:

What is the Refer a Friend program?

Payoneer Refer a Friend program is an excellent way to earn extra money simply by telling your friends about Payoneer. When your friend registers and just receives $ 100 in payments, both you and he receive a reward of $ 25.

Who is the Refer a Friend program focused on?

If you are a satisfied Payoneer user and are looking for a straightforward and secure way to receive international payments in your network, this program is a good option for you. With just a few simple steps (and a little help from us) you can create an excellent source of new revenue by sharing information about Payoneer in your professional network.

Program Features Refer a Friend:

Direct access from My account.
Share your link automatically on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or via email.
Monitor your referral statistics and track mail sent from a control panel.

Program Benefits Refer a Friend:

Simple and straightforward: inviting friends is as easy as sending an invitation via email or posting on social networks.
Receive money by recommending Payoneer: get $ 25 for each friend who registers and receives at least $ 100 in payments.
Incentives for everyone: It is excellent to earn money when your friends register, but we told you that your friends also earn $ 25 when they receive just $ 100 in payments?
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What is the Payoneer Affiliate Program?

Like many affiliate programs, the Payoneer Affiliate program is essentially an agreement through which Payoneer pays affiliate sites a commission for the traffic they send to the Payoneer website.

Who is Payoneer’s affiliate program focused on?

Affiliate marketing experts, bloggers, website owners, social networking leaders and anyone who has proven the performance of their marketing skills and seeks to promote a stable product in exchange for lucrative commissions.

Payoneer Affiliate Program Features

  • Exclusive tracking links
  • Marketing tools to get the most out of conversion
  • Automated control panel to help you grow
  • Unique account management services
  • Benefits of Payoneer Affiliate Program

High payment amounts that increase as you refer more quality users
Working in conjunction with a recognized and award-winning company in a fast-growing industry

Register as a Payoneer user and receive payments directly to your local bank account or Payoneer. The Payoneer work together with thousands of companies, including the best affiliate networks, such as Amazon, Clickbank, Tradedoubler, and Matomy.

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Payoneer makes the payment process quicker and easier between global merchants and freelancers. Bloggers, affiliate marketers, and companies make their payment securely. 
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