LinkedIn Marketing + Sales: Generate Leads from LinkedIn

By | 15.02.2017

It will now be possible to do more marketing and sales from LinkedIn. If your business needs more leads, LinkedIn strategic planning can help you to reach the success.
LinkedIn Sales Solutions is committed to the transformation of the traditional sales process in the B2B segment that was based on “cold calls” and renews it in the digital era.

LinkedIn Marketing + Sales: Generate Leads from LinkedIn

Based on the concept of social selling and the merger of marketing with the sales force, LinkedIn Launches  “LinkedIn Sales Solutions.” It bets on the transformation of the traditional sales process in the B2B segment that was based on ” Cold Calls “to find people who might have an interest in a particular product or service and who has become obsolete with the advancement of social networks, the speed of information and personalization of the business relationship. 

Today, companies are integrating digital tools into their strategies of activities and are paying attention to the knowledge that social networks give to identify potential customers.
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According to Gustavo Pagotto, regional sales manager for LinkedIn Latin America, “The more knowledge we can acquire about customers, the more prepared we will be to know the right time to offer a solution. There is no other effective way to do it today, but to Through social networks. ” 

In the USA, LinkedIn has more than 9 million users – of which 2600 thousand are sales professionals – and there are more than 1100 thousand of companies with the presence on the network. Digital equipment for the office, and has tried this tool, with which, “executives who join Ricoh have been able to position themselves in the online world and generate a professional dynamic to connect with customers and prospects. Our definition of the social sales strategy to connect with the right people, know their speech and know how you can reach them, “says its marketing director, Alejandro Alcocer Toledano. 
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Among the options offered by this LinkedIn tool to companies are the opportunity to train users who purchase the license. Also, they will be able to search for people and businesses throughout the platform and define their target audience, and the tool recommends potential contacts.

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