How to use Facebook to promote your business

Marketers, Make Facebook network your best tool to run highly effective ads to attract more customers. More than budget, invest in the follo...

Marketers, Make Facebook network your best tool to run highly effective ads to attract more customers. More than budget, invest in the following strategies.

With 1,700 million users, of which 1.3 billion are active daily - according to the latest investor report released in July 2016 - Facebook is the largest social network in the world. So, it is very likely that a lot of your customers are browsing it.

 How to use Facebook to promote your business
Given these numbers, it is no surprise that the Facebook advertising platform is the most advanced and efficient method to generate traffic to websites, conversions, and sales. However, the Blue Giant continually launches new features on this platform. Between August and September alone, it introduced a feature that allows users to turn on and off the presence of ads in their biography; also, a new version of Messenger for sales, this through the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence makes the chat of the social network as an additional sales channel.

On the other hand, Dynamic Ads, mobile optimization, pixel usage and video enhancements are some features of Facebook that will help you achieve great results with your marketing campaigns. Just a few minutes to monitor user behavior to check the effectiveness of your strategies and actions.

However, many times these constant changes can provoke the frustration of the companies, whose efforts are cracked before obtaining an economic benefit. No matter how many campaigns we launch at my agency, advertisers make the same mistakes all the time; Which causes a high dropout rate, even when they are very close to achieving the first goals.

Here are some practical ways to work with Facebook. Eye: just some minor adjustments are needed to build campaigns that not only deliver results, but also a return on investment you make. 

Six Basic Tips on "How to use Facebook to promote your business."

1. Order your data

The Facebook tool " audience insight " shows the page statistics and the response of your customers. With it, you collect data on topics that generate the most interest among your audience. For example, "Demography," the first tab of the platform, will allow you to know the sex and age of those who have been interested in a particular topic. The second tab ("like" page) lists other possible relevant interests for your target audience. It also lists them by importance and affinity and measures the probability that one person belonging to one interest group shares the likes of another.

2. Separate your ads

The vast majority of advertisers pick up the groups determined in the previous step, hoping to reach a mass audience. This is a grave mistake and will cost you money. You can get some results, but you will not know which one generated them. The solution: includes an interest for advertisement, with this you can monitor with which you get a better response compared to the investment.

3. Make changes slowly

To get the best return on your investment in your advertising, you may be tempted to adjust ad text, images, targeting and budgeting at the beginning of the campaign. Although it is most advisable to make changes gradually and notice frequently, and thus allow the Facebook algorithm to adjust. According to my experience, it takes three to five days for the original ad to reach an appropriate number of people, and to throw significant data to analyze. If it is really necessary to change something in the ad, create a new one and let both be on the platform; In this way, you can compare which is the one that gets better results.

4. Analyze your data and adjust

There is a lot of risks when you ignore the data that Facebook provides. Yes, it will give you valuable information like age, gender, placement (the device used), and the country or region that is generating the best results. You will also see the relevance of the ad and its punctuation. This is based on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the least relevant and 10 being the most. The more relevant your ad is, the less you pay, and the more it shows, the lower the cost. You can also see your active and negative scores. These are not so clear, although broadly if you write a good ad that you like and is shared by users, you will have a high positive feedback.

5. Always try

In my agency, we carry the account of several clients, and we are always making adjustments and variations. We try different interests with the target audience and experiment with different images, text, and actions (such as interactive and static ads). It can be exhausting to make small changes regularly and observe the data generated; However, the success of your campaigns on Facebook depends on it. Ads lose relevance quickly, and their cost starts to increase while decreasing their effectiveness. We combat this with experimentation and tracking of results.

6. Bet on winners

There will be no effective ads. That is a fact when it comes to the Facebook platform. The faster you eliminate, the less relevant and scalable ads to the more pertinent, the longer the results will be seen sooner. Every three to five days you'll have the information you need to know whether or not a set of ads will make a profit.

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