How To Multiply Your Money Every Year

How much money do you want to earn in your life? What percentage of your income should you save for retirement? Do the sum and if you do no...

How much money do you want to earn in your life? What percentage of your income should you save for retirement? Do the sum and if you do not convince yourself follow this technique to reach your goals and be your own boss.

How much money do you want to earn each year? If you have not asked yourself that, you should. Until you think it through, it's impossible to determine how you're going to get there. When I was in my 20s, my father sat me down and asked me the same question.

How To Multiply Your Money Every Year
The advice he gave me really changed the way he thought about the job and led me to my current career. I told him that I would like to earn 100 thousand dollars a year. In those days I thought that was a lot of money. "You will work as for another 30 years," he told me. So, how much money would I make in my entire life? Three million dollars.
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You can multiply your money in many ways, but investing in you should be the first choice.
He asked me if I was happy with that amount, and, if I was not happy, what would I do about it? My father was an intelligent man. Three million was not much money for thirty years, taking away taxes and expenses. Life is short, and it did not seem like that was enough for a lifetime of work.

My father told me that the only way to have financial stability was by finding a job opportunity that had a multiplier effect and did not require my presence. It took some time for me to realize what that meant. The last part was very easy. He said, "A doctor can help a certain amount of people in a day and a year. An attorney can solve certain cases. "To have more money, I needed to find something that did not need my hands or presence.

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The second was more complicated: what does it mean to have a multiplier effect? He told me that he needed to create something that was used, again and again, something people would never stop needing. That made sense to me. It was what prompted me to start recording my ideas.

Today many business examples share these qualities. For instance application developers or franchises. There are other examples of more traditional methods, such as the stock market, bonds or real estate.  

For me, the concept of the multiplier effect was very attractive. It gives some people pleasure and joy to be the masters of their craft by working every day with their own hands. That is not me. I wanted to earn money and be able to do new things to be able to challenge myself in new ways.

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How much money do you want to earn? How are you going to achieve it? Finding my multiplier effect, writing a book, offering a course and recording my ideas, has allowed me to live where I want, to have people working for me elsewhere and to be my own boss. It is incredibly liberating.

I'm not saying it's for everyone, but I want you to ask how much you want to win and make the sum.

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  • I met my budget and by the end of 2016 sales in my own stores ended up growing 18 percent in a complex sector. 
  • The consolidation of its telecoms business and the growth in mobile sales boosted the Chinese group, which nearly tripled its net profit to 19.9 million euros in 2015. Huawei last year sold nine million smartphones in the USA.
  • Countries that have come out of the poor like Japan or South Korea have integrated into the global economy, India has done so with trade agreements and has also achieved macro stability, but it is not enough. No investments have been made in education as did South Korea which improved not only quality but quantity and access for all.

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