How to Earn Money From Facebook Without Investment

We have published a lot on working from home and make money . Today you will learn to Earn money from Facebook account and fan page likes. ...

We have published a lot on working from home and make money. Today you will learn to Earn money from Facebook account and fan page likes.

A few weeks earlier we have published an article on about, "how to make money with a twitter account?" After then I faced a lot of questions that our reader wants to know, "how to earn money from facebook page likes?"
For those and all of you, I'm dedicating today's article. I hope this will help you to earn money with social media account.

Ways to make money with a Facebook fan page 

If you are serious to make some extra cash on Facebook, you should have your own fan page and needs to grow the audience. Without fans, you are not going to make money.

How can you earn money with Facebook

Many methods of making money are promoted in the network, just by clicking on the "like" buttons. This method is fast, but we have to become full-time slaves to always get much less than $ 100 a month. 
Anyone who wishes to do so can use the Fanslave service. In this article, we only deal with ways to make money by making a big Fan Page, which can make us earn enough money. It's the method employed by many entrepreneurs, who have created real mini-businesses associated with Facebook. 

How to Earn Money From Facebook Without Investment
How to Make Money with a Fan Page

There are thousands of different ways to earn revenue with a fan page. 
We only suggest the most commonly used methods, but it depends on each person, the content that he shares, his followers and the experience that he acquires over time.
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1. Make money on Facebook by selling products

One of the easiest ways to make money, which does not require much knowledge or strategy, is to sell your own products. 
It can be any digital products such as electronic books (eBooks, manuals, tutorials, etc.) as well as services of all kinds. 
You just need to upload an appealing image with a description and links for payment by PayPal. You need to be very careful because the followers will not like to be saturated with advertising. 
"Anyone can make money on Facebook with a fan page, group or profile id." 

2. Make money on Facebook with mentions

Many small businesses or businesses do not have a presence on Facebook, and in that case, they appreciate and pay for mention in popular pages. 
It is a secondary option for additional income.
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3. Make money on Facebook by promoting affiliate products

One of the methods that allows for secure revenue is using affiliate platforms and sharing publications with links to products that may be of interest to our followers. 
For that, there are several companies in the social network. 
You only need to register on one of their sites and choose a product that may be relevant to your followers. 
They will give you a code that will link to your affiliate ID on it. 
When a person clicks on the link and buys a product or service, they will be paid a commission. 
Then create posts on your Fan Page with your affiliate link.
Practical advice
  • Find a product on one of the affiliate platforms that is related to what you publish and fit your audience. 
  • Create a publication with the link. 
  • Monitor the reaction of your followers and see how many I like in the first few minutes or hours, the complete index will know you over time according to the number of members. 
  • Wait for the result of the conversions (people who click on the links), you can know it with the statistics tool of Facebook Insights. 
  • If the result is right continuous with the product, but look for something different.
Success with this system depends on many factors but mainly two: The number of followers and the product that fits also influences the attractiveness of the publication. 
There are different types of affiliate programs, and each has a different system. 
The most popular are: 
  • Pay per conversion (percentage of the sale of a product). 
  • Pay per click (for the number of visitors referred). 
  • Payment by Form (to complete a form at the destination site).
Which affiliate platform to choose?

Currently, there are thousands of affiliate services that serve as links between the companies that offer the products and those that publish on the internet. 
Some work only with a geographical scope.
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"There are thousands of affiliate programs for earning money using Facebook." 

4. Make money on Facebook by sending visitors to an AdSense blog

This method consists of actively posting content, mainly images with links to direct fans to a blog or website that has ads for AdSense or another advertising company. 
Of course, we have to create this blog if we do not already have it. 
If you are not going to invest in a hosting (storage service) the only option is to create a blog on Blogger. 
  • It does not work so fast, but it works. 
  • It is necessary to create the blog and Facebook page and publish appealing content in the two, link them and only after a few months request Google AdSense service. 
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The connection to the blog entries you share on Facebook should encourage fans to click on the image that will take them to the blog. 
It takes patience, effort, and perseverance, but it is entirely feasible. 
It seems silly method but is employed by, a great blog that in only 8 months managed to reach 200 million visitors daily, attracting them with a Facebook page that already has more than one million fans. 
Monthly earnings are hundreds of thousands of dollars with AdSense. 
All made by one person and working from home as a part-time blogger.

It's just an isolated case, but I always mention it as an example of what can be achieved on the internet with ideas, tenacity and a little luck. 
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5. Earn money by selling a Facebook page

The last option is to create pages to sell them, that task is dedicated several people and is a very profitable business. 
A whole market has been built around the Fan Page, and there are hundreds of people willing to buy one for a local business.
Scope of publications on Facebook

In Facebook, the writings come to your followers in an entirely different way than in Twitter and that a blog or website. 
In a blog or website, the readers see ultimately the content of the post that you publish. 
On Twitter, the publications reach all our followers, but quickly disappear from the timeline of them, more so if they follow several accounts. 

Facebook post only reach some of your supporters, which Facebook decides, completely ignores the rest you have published something new. 
The proportion of people to whom your publications arrive is called "reach." 
It is different according to the content that is shared and the initial interaction it causes. In practice, more updates are available with images. 
For example, if the average reach is 8% and if your fan page has 1000 followers, Facebook will send only 80 people to the new updates.

Convert a Facebook Profile Page into a Fan Page

Those who already have a profile page on Facebook or biography and have many friends can turn it into a Fan Page, and that way friends become followers. 
It is necessary because the profile pages are intended for individual personal use only. 
It is the ideal method in that case because to create a new Fan Page would have to start from scratch. 

How to sell products or promote affiliate links.

This latter option is not a money mine, but it allows the more entrepreneurial to earn income on a secondary basis without having a website. 
Something similar can be done with Facebook. 
The pages of Facebook or Fan Page have a tremendous potential to make money. 
One of these pages with thousands of fans is a real treasure that can be exploited. 
Facebook is a social network that allows and encourages users to share content of interest with friends, but the interest and what makes it possible to run the service, is to show advertising to earn income, but of course not users. 
However it is possible to earn income by properly managing a Facebook fan page, but it takes a lot of interest, perseverance, and dedication, like any real-life project.

Requirements to make money on Facebook

The first requirement is to create a Facebook page also called "Fan Page." 
For that, it is necessary to have a Facebook account, and a profile page also known as a biography. 
  • With Fan Page or Fan Pages, it is relatively easy to get fans or followers. 
  • Fans are not friends, users become fans or followers by clicking on the Like button on one of these pages. From that moment they will reach them a part of your publications. 
  • It is necessary to create your fan page or pages (they can be several) with a topic focused on an individual sector related to the subject that you are going to share.
  • It is also possible to convert a profile page to Fan Page
  • After that, you must begin to publish and share attractive things for a reasonable amount of time before marketing it.
You must clarify that buying followers for a Fan Page does not bring any benefit, on the contrary decreases the normal interaction and therefore automatically the algorithm of Facebook diminishes the scope of the publications of the page. 

It gives more result a page with 1000 real followers than a 100 000, of which only 100 are real.

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