5 Tips on How to Increase Website Traffic Through Google

A good way to  increase website traffic using SEO, it's Free to use and drive organic visitors to your blog. Learn Google tips and tric...

A good way to increase website traffic using SEO, it's Free to use and drive organic visitors to your blog. Learn Google tips and tricks to get a million hits on google.

Do you have your own business or are you working on a new business idea? Wanting to gain online presence and make you known in the main Internet search engines, such as Google? 
You're thinking about what to do to build a successful website, with the aim of getting inbound links to your business, attract visitors and potential customers. And being on the first page of a search engine like Google would be like placing your business in the center of a city, which is where you can attract the desired audience. 

5 Tips on How to Increase Website Traffic Through Google
To achieve this goal, today I propose 5 tips that will boost your visibility in Google.

Before even thinking about the domain name, you must be clear about the importance of creating real content and value to your website; Pages rich in content in which to include keywords about your sector and be useful to visitors. Start creating content before working on anything else. Showing relevant content is the number one step to be accepted by Google. But what about writing on every page of your website? About the services, you can offer, on topics related to your business or industry; Pages that resolve doubts about your sector. Displays useful and related to the searches that people do content and succeed in Google.
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Your domain name. 

Choose a domain name that can be associated with your brand. The compounds keyword domains are no longer fashionable, but the brand recognition and name yes they are. Better OnlineLivingBlog.com than Online Living.com. You must be creative. Here is my recommendation to awesome tools to find your perfect domain. 
5 Rules for Choosing a Memorable Domain Name

Web design. 

The simpler design your site, more likely to succeed in Google and appearing at the top of the search engine result page. Content is better than any other element predominates, do not resort to Flash and even less to duplicate content. And critical is the speed with which you access your website: if your site has a delay of more than 4 seconds to respond to a request, you will lose visitors.


Find the keywords of your products or services. Then you need to put those keywords in the title of each page of your site, in meta tags and the text of all the pages making sure you're maintaining quality keyword density (if you stand at levels Higher density, you could be considered a spammer). Do not neglect the spelling; Resort to well-made and organized phrases; Easy to read and always focusing on a particular topic per page.
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Link building. 

It is an important technique to get links to your website. You can work this field by pointing to internal pages of your site, registering it in directories like Dmoz, participating in forums of interest, writing blog articles or posts in social networks. Everything to gain popularity in Google.

Submitting your site to Google. 

Once the work was done, you can proceed to submit your URL to Google via this link https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools or wait for Googlebot crawls the web and you encounter- by a link that refers to your Web. 

Once Google finds your page, it will rank it based on available content and keyword density. Therefore it is crucial to register in directories, as mentioned previously. The more pages that point to yours and refer to it, the more likely they will appear in a search engine like Google, and when before.

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