5 Simple Ways to Boost Productivity by Improving Your Workspace

The workspace is an important aspect for every business to achieve success. Let's learn the most e ffective ways to enhance workplace pr...

The workspace is an important aspect for every business to achieve success. Let's learn the most effective ways to enhance workplace productivity. The office is a fundamental part of generating ideas. Does yours help you to be more innovative?

The innovation is a process that is formed based on the generation of ideas, which we implement to achieve commercial benefit.

It is important to know that the process of selection of revolutionary ideas must be supported in areas in which we can generate them so that they have a particular weight that our organization needs to do things differently.

5 Simple Ways to Boost Productivity by Improving Your Workspace
The spaces are critical to promoting collaboration, happiness, and creativity of employees. We as Latin Americans, in most cases, do not take this issue into account, since we do not know the benefit that we can have, just giving a touch of light and color to our space of collaboration.

We give you five recommendations to improve your areas, hoping to help you to promote the imagination of your company:   

1. The office should reflect the values and culture of your business

 is important that we work spaces reflect the values that make you unique. Making your posts talk about who you are as a brand, will make the people who live there feel much more comfortable and communicate congruence to customers.

2. We are human, we need to break

some years, large companies began to allocate special places for people could lie down and rest inside the offices. Firms such as Google, have individual booths called Energypods , which can recline and serve as beds within the offices.

There are cheaper and fun ways to create these spaces, such as rooms with plants or an outdoor space.

3. The room is used for hours, habitable Bring it 

Github is a software company that designed building an office thinking that their employees would spend most of their time in this space, so we decided to create an office that was incredibly comfortable. Inside the building you can find an enclosed garden and a museum. In addition, the office has spaces for collaborative work and individual areas, where people can concentrate on their task without interruptions.

4. Create reconfigurable and flexible spaces

There are companies such as Steelcase or selling Haworth modular furniture that can be accommodated, distributed or assembled according to the needs of each user. It is important that your office provides each need (especially if the space is very small), but sometimes it is not necessary to invest a lot of money to do so. There are books like Make Space or DIY furniture that can help you find economical ways to maximize your space. 

5. Do not be office if you do not need

There are options such as The Pool, IOS Offices that allow you to rent an office without the need to have a property and also have the advantage of help do networking. However, Hoffice goes a step further by connecting people interested in renting their home as an office with people interested in working near their home, networking and being comfortable. Hoffice is the working version of AirBnB.

This type of office is a trend that is just beginning to become evident. So it makes your room a unique space that inspires to continue innovating and also helps to be a profitable business. As these new trends Of offices, contribute to reducing the burden of expenses when you start a new business.

What would your ideal office look like?

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