How To Create a Corporate Brand Identity in 3 Steps

Creating your   brand identity is easy if you know the brand personality . You have to learn "building brand identity  process" n...

Creating your brand identity is easy if you know the brand personality. You have to learn "building brand identity process" necessary things. Perhaps you want to hire some expert, But hiring an expensive agency doesn't make sure your business success. 

3 Steps to Building a Strong Brand Identity

Learn how to design a character that shows who you are and what your business offers, but above all: attract customers.

How To Create a Corporate Brand Identity in 3 Steps
No one questions the advantages of having an actual brand, recognizable without greater effort and, better yet, if it invites a purchase action. But when it comes to defining the identity of a company, i.e., how they will be identified by different audiences, it 's hard to agree on what is important and how to translate it. 

To understand this concept should be distinguished from the corporate image. On the one hand, identity represents what an organization is; While the second refers to how it is perceived. Status includes the name and all the elements that consistently communicate what a brand or company wants to project from itself to the inside and the outside. 
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The 3 pillars of corporate identity

Ideograms secret lies in finding good ideas or proper corporate identities. This is based on three pillars, which must be aligned. I was about the answers to the following questions: 

  • What 's my name? 
  • How I am? 
  • How do I want to be remembered? 

Generating in this order: 

  • The name 
  • The personality 
  • Positioning

The name is the basis of everything. Don't forget that this condition. "What do you tell a customer who has a bad name? Change it, "says an expert. 

Secondly, the personality of the company can be aggressive, passive, conservative, etc. So that not only the name of an organization but also how it is, determines what it projects. Don't forget that although the goal is to be distinguishable is not to be at all costs. Avoid communication actions that in the long run affect your brand or the prestige of your business. 

Finally, the positioning refers to the niche market that seeks to occupy. To do this, one must choose what one will say to the target audience. 
Thus, companies can define what distinguishes them (beyond the commonplace as service and quality) and base their identity and communication on that aspect. In the case of this consultancy, the answer is good ideas. 
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The identity of a company is tested in every interaction with the customer, and as long as it is consistent, consistent and creative, it is facilitated that there is a click between both parties. 

This applies to all types of firms, whether a multinational or a small software solutions provider. It does not matter if you offer products or services. What changes are the means that each uses to reach their respective audiences? In fact, it is easier for a smaller company to control its identity to a large corporation, as the latter handles dozens of products and invests millions of dollars in advertising.

Care with the logo

Identity may be simple, but it has to be consistent. In the market served by Ideogram, there is an environment where it deprives the belief that the logo solves everything. The client with this profile regularly seeks advice only to design this element. 

A logo is not even an essential issue. And he preaches by example, for Ideogram has no one. Its visual identity is formed in any case by several elements: figures of animals made of balloons that vary according to the case. A dog to welcome; A kangaroo as a letterhead; An elephant on the intranet; A mosquito on the bills; A hummingbird on business cards. And the list extends to horses, bees, butterflies, etc. 
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Of course, "we are very strict inconsistency," says the expert. "All are green, all are balloons, all are animals, and all are linked to a particular reason." 

The logo, in any case, be understood as an executive summary (visually speaking) of the organization. In other words, for good and ill is the sum of everything that represents a brand in the head of a consumer, a customer or even a potential investor. 

It is a common mistake to attribute to the logo the success of some companies. This really depends on everything a company does. Therefore, investing in the logo is the lead.
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Know before you communicate 

In fact, ideogram has been more important to determine the audiences to which a brand will direct its identity than to force the neurons to devise the perfect logo. 

Being a corporate identity project, the consulting firm defined target audiences rather than customers. Of these, the main one is the people who work in the business, regardless of the number. Other audiences are competitors, customers - current, prospective and former - and even potential investors and partners. 

If a company consistently speaks adequate and the market in general and public opinion, then it has a cohesive identity. What makes it easier to recognize. And establishing an identity that works and transcends time requires a great deal of deepening. 

The identity of a large brand of mass consumption like Bimbo or Coca-Cola is not the same as that of a vendor, whose name is rarely displayed in an advertisement. Nor the way they communicate it. But the questions from which they establish their corporate identity and the benefits of having one that is adequate do apply to all. 
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With its internationalization to Canada, by the hand of TechBA - a business accelerator - Ideogram is an example of knowing what can be offered and what you want to do. But in all cases, this requires a process of introspection that takes time and must overcome resistances to change.

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