Five Steps to Coaching Your Employees to Success

If you are ready to learn effective coaching techniques for your employees, Here is a  step by step coaching process  published by  Entrepre...

If you are ready to learn effective coaching techniques for your employees, Here is a step by step coaching process published by Another article I found very helpful provided by Inc Magazine "4 keys to coaching underperforming employees."

One of the most important goals for both a coach and an entrepreneur is to develop "A" players who are really productive. In American football, this goes well beyond the quarterback and one who earns the yards for the team. I am also talking about those who practice hard every day, run extra kilometers and help the weaker players.

Five Steps to Coaching Your Employees to Success

  In business, these are the game changers, the business builders, and the leading producers of a company. These are the ones you can always trust; Those who continually raise the rod and want to be measured; Those who generate great ideas and then go out and do the work.

Finding players "A" is quite difficult, but releasing them so that they can deliver the maximum value to the team or to the company is even more complex. How do you make sure you do not become discouraged, lose focus or get tired of carrying the load of the equipment? Also, how can you get this process to inspire "B" players to follow suit while getting rid of "C" players who only pretend to work when they are actually checking their mail all the time?

I share five ways to establish a path that not only leads to your personal success, but to the whole company:

1. Post the gameplan

Everyone needs to know what the game plan. Only if players observe the complete plan can they make decisions in the field? When an individual's work is clearly linked to business objectives, it is possible to see positive results. Not only will the goals be achieved, but the feeling of noticing that your work really matters will motivate the players.

2. Put your stars on special teams

Coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots generated controversy in 2012 when he loaded his special team's lead. Belichick said he tried to put his best players on the pitch at critical moments, not the less important ones. The same thing happens in business. Put your best employees on the most important projects and give them difficult problems to solve.

3. Examine the Performance

In American football, coaches meticulously review the recordings of games, I studied the performance and productivity of every player, qualifying them based on how well they executed their individual tasks. If there is a fault, the plans can be adjusted accordingly for the next game.

In business, this is the supervision of management. Whether they have the help of an online collaboration tool or through other means, managers must have visibility; Not only to correct mistakes or errors but also to reward good work. Nothing annoys an "A" player more than having to load the team losers without getting any recognition.

4. Be clear about roles and responsibilities

If everyone does their homework and know the responsibilities of their position and others, the greater the likelihood of success. "Play your position" is a common phrase of coaches and stays true also in the business world, only that entrepreneurs must add "and know the work of who is part of your critical path."

5. Trust your best players

A sign of a great quarterback like Peyton Manning Denver Broncos is the ability to quickly read a defense and change the plan in the heat of the moment. In business, you need to trust your best players to make adjustments when necessary, without having to be on top of them all the time.
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The right management team, the right business culture and the right technological solutions are the keys to fulfilling this actually productive goal of freeing players "A." Even if you do not get the Lombardi trophy, you can definitely push any company to the end zone.

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