Do you like my plan? My 'Business Plan'

It's true when you have an idea, they all ask for a business plan , a long, dense and detailed document where hundreds of explanations m...

It's true when you have an idea, they all ask for a business plan, a long, dense and detailed document where hundreds of explanations must be recorded: potential market, sales plan, costs, growth, financing, resources needed... Up to five hundred words.

Do you like my plan? My 'Business Plan'
The problem that you tend to find when planning is that you can have explicit costs, which is what you control, but where you go a lot more lost is when defining the sales and your potential market. If what you are throwing is something absolutely new, it is impossible to determine what percentage of the pie you are going to take because there is no such market, and by extension, your sales forecast has very few real basis.
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When this happens, there are two ways to go: you are either very conservative, and you try to adjust sales to your income, and then you justify them, or you take two whiskeys. And you get carried away by your own emotion, and you make extrapolations based on independent businesses With you but that have logarithmic growths.

But the truth, what really matters, is not so much your plan of activities but your idea is stimulating. How to make people wonder: how the heck did not know I think of myself and what can I do to have a part of this company? And this is not achieved with the data but with a real message.

It is not the same to ask for financing to make computers that ask for it to redefine the future. It has nothing to do with asking for funding to set up a search engine to be the intermediary of all internet traffic and know what people think. There is an absolute change of perspective, and one seeks attention to the rational part, and the other seeks the emotional part.

If you can not excite your investor's libido with your idea, the explanation, with the team that shapes it, how it works and its commitment, the numbers will not serve absolutely nothing. Of course, if you manage to get them excited, you have to have the numbers worked out and justified. Even if you have invented them - because an investor can get excited about your project, but surely he misses the adrenaline effect and wants to take a look at those Boring and dark data to reconcile his more conservative part that has made to him to play the money in strange projects.
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I think in the end this is the key or at least the first door that everyone has to open before getting investors: that your project stimulates. If you go to an investor and you lose an hour-long Parra fade with data, variances, covariance, leverage, projections, you will kill them of boredom. Do not you think to do that, the presentation has to be like the trailer of the movies, you have to make it want to go to see it, and you do not need to crumble the whole argument let alone count the end. You have to stimulate your potential investor, that your fear of losing is overwhelmed by your desire to be part of something that is interesting.

Think a little and think, do you always use your rational part when buying? Do you go to the supermarket and analyze the components of all the products? Do you see the percentage of saturated fats? Do you compare it with other products? Do you compare it to other supermarkets? 
Do you accept the offers that put you above your first choice? 

If you are honest, you will have to accept no, you are not rational in this process, and you usually put in the shopping cart items that you had not planned because a part of you has been tempted. And you have stung - and there is abundant literature on how to do That customer buy more or buy individual products. I do not deny that in the global computation you have a logic and follow a budget or a line of purchases, but in the small detail, we can not deactivate our primitive brain.

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