Bing Ads vs AdWords - Why Bing is a Good Investment

Should I invest in Google AdWords or Bing?  Perhaps Google is the main search engine in most countries with a share of mor e than 70% comp...

Should I invest in Google AdWords or Bing? Perhaps Google is the main search engine in most countries with a share of more than 70% compared to other search engines, but why not try to get benefits from that search market?

Not taking into account in our marketing strategy to other search engines like Bing can be a mistake, especially if we want to advertise our products in other countries where the difference of users between Adwords and Bing Ads is less.
And if this argument is not enough to convince you, I will tell you that it is possible that after optimizing your campaign in Adwords, when you face an already mature account, Bing may be the best solution, since it will Allow to expand and increase the demand for your products.

Bing Ads vs AdWords - Why Bing is a Good Investment
That is why we will show the main differences between Google AdWords and Bing ads. The two advertising platforms are growing rapidly and helping marketers to reach their targeted customers.
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In general, Bing Ads works similarly to Google Adwords, choose keywords that will activate text ads through an auction system between advertisers. So much so that Bing has a functionality that allows you to import your campaigns directly from Google Adwords to the Bing platform.
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However, there are important differences to take into account, which will serve us to improve the performance of the campaigns.


The first difference is obvious, but it is not worth pointing out. If you advertise on Adwords, your ads will be displayed on the Google search engine and your search partners like On the contrary, if you advertise in Bing Ads your ads will appear on Bing and Yahoo !. This means that if we advertise on both platforms, we will be reaching more than 90% of the market share. Is not that interesting?


It is proven that 60% of users' clicks are taken with the first results shown. In this case, Bing has a distinct advantage over Adwords, since while the latter eliminated a few months ago the ads on the right side of the results, Bing continues to maintain this location. In short, Bing keeps all four ads at the top of the search results page, plus much more on the right, all before showing the first organic result.
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Precisely because of the smaller number of users of Bing against Adwords, many advertisers do not contemplate the option to advertise on this platform, so there is much less advertiser competition to bid for keywords. This translates directly into lower CPCs in Bing. This means that if we have a well-worked and optimized campaign, we can achieve much more attractive conversion costs.


After the implementation of the expanded text ads, it appeared that the standard text ads had the days counted. However, we have been several months in which the two formats are coexisting without news that they will eliminate either.

The main difference between Adwords and Bing in this respect is that standard text ads in Bing have a single, descriptive line of 71 characters, instead of the two 35-character lines they have in Adwords.

Although the difference is minimal, when the characters are scarce it is something to keep in mind.


One of the biggest drawbacks to working on Bing is that it may not be able to incorporate negative keywords in broad match. On the contrary, it only allows you to add negative keywords to a phrase or exact matches. This seems a trivial detail, it is not because if you want to negativize a broad term, you must also include all its variations, even synonyms to make sure that we are not bidding for anything related to that time.
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Both platforms base the calculation to determine the quality standards of the keywords, using a formula that considers the CTR, i.e., the relevance of the ads, the text of the ads themselves and the relevance of the landing page. However, since the formula is not exactly the same, the Adwords and Bing quality level values may not match.

In addition to the work off keywords to improve this level of quality, Bing offers you a report that shows a history of quality level.


One of the main advantages that Bing has against Adwords is the possibility of allocating monthly budgets.

But look! It should be borne in mind that Bing will not manage the budget on a regular basis throughout the month, but the ads will be published without interruption until the entire budget is consumed. This is similar to accelerated ad selection in Adwords, which may mean that the assigned budget runs out before the end of the month so we may be wasting important days of the month, depending on the niche market we are in.
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Finally, it is important to remember that, since Google monopolizes 70% of the searches on the internet, the distribution of the budget of your budget between different platforms, should also follow this percentage. The bulk of the investment should be in Google Adwords since that is where most of your customers are. And a smaller part, assign it to these new recruiting opportunities offered by Bing. If you have wanted to know more, in this post, we explain everything you have to know about Bing.

Bing presents itself as an opportunity to diversify the advertising investment in search engines. What do you think? Are you excited about advertising on Bing?

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