Bing Ads Review 2017: Why Do You Need to Use BingAds for Your PPC Advertising?

Bing Ads one of the best  Search engine marketing (SEM) tool.  Bing Ads serves pay-per-click promotions for both Yahoo and Microsoft searc...

Bing Ads one of the best Search engine marketing (SEM) tool. Bing Ads serves pay-per-click promotions for both Yahoo and Microsoft search (i.e., Bing). So by being on the Bing Ads stage, you are covering both destinations — 32.6 percent of the aggregate desktop seek volume in the U.S. 

Bing ads are the #1 Google AdWords alternative for digital marketer. It has the best ROI and conversion among any other search advertising exist in the current market. 

If you are an advertiser looking for an affordable, easy to use, and, feature-rich online advertising alternative, one of the better choices that you can possibly pick is Bing Ads. Owned by Microsoft, this online advertising platform offers a fantastic alternative to Google's AdWords due to its affordability. 
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Bing Ads Review 2017: Why Do You Need to Use BingAds for Your PPC Advertising?
More than that, it also happens to be an insanely user-friendly platform from the get-go while also offering a robust set of tools that let you, for example, import ad campaigns or work offline. Even better, thanks to the partnership between Microsoft and Yahoo, this ad platform also allows you to promote your advertising on both the Bing and Yahoo! Search engines. 

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Why use Bing ads? The Pros of Bing ads

  • Insanely Affordable: - So, how much will it take for advertisers such as yourself to start taking advantage of what Bing Ads has to offer? One of the best things about this online advertising platform is the fact that you can pretty much choose how much or even how little to spend. To be more precise, you will decide on the bid amount for keywords and, if your ad is eligible and is picked to appear on the search results page, you will only be charged once the ad is clicked. Even better, you are also free to choose to either pay now or pay at a later date.
  • Incredibly User-friendly Ad Platform: - Another thing that advertisers of all caliber and experience will absolutely love about Bing Ads is the fact that it is one of the most ridiculously user-friendly ad platforms in the industry. For one thing, their user interface is simply laid out and easy to understand as well as navigate. You certainly won't have any issues using their platform thanks to this. In the off chance that you do, however, Bing Ads also provides an impressively exhaustive collection of help documentation and videos that should get you up and run in no time at all.
  • Easily Import Campaigns: - Whether you are jumping ship or only taking advantage of multiple ad platforms for maximum profits. One of the great things that this online advertising platform provides you with a quick, efficient and, more importantly, easy to use tool that lets you import your campaigns from Google Adwords.
  • Able to Work Offline: - Running campaigns has never been easier even if, for whatever reason, you somehow find yourself disconnected from the internet. This is because Bing Ads' editor allows you to work offline, while also making it incredibly easy for you to sync any and all changes to your online account. You won't ever have to worry about not being able to manage and run your campaigns just because of intermittent connection issues; Bing Ads has got you covered!
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Disadvantage of Big ads

  • Only Available in Certain Countries: - One of the minor downsides that this particular online advertising platform is that it is only available in certain select countries. To go into further detail, Bing Ads is only available on the Yahoo Bing network in 31 countries. While that does seem perfectly adequate, take note that countries like Australia and New Zealand are, unfortunately, left in the dust. Ads coming from these two countries only show on the Bing network. Then there is the fact that lots of other nations, like Japan, for one, are not included in the list.
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Zero Start Up Costs for Bing Ads

Bing Ads features

While Bing Ads has some things in common with most online advertising platforms, it is definitely unique enough to stand on its own as a viable alternative for online advertisers. For one thing, it is probably one of the more user-friendliest platforms out there right now. It boasts of an intuitive interface that is simple, clean, organized, and efficient. Users of all skill levels are guaranteed to pick it up and learn the ropes quickly. That said, if you are still pretty new to online advertising in general and you find yourself a bit lost, you do not have to worry. Bing Ads provides an insanely comprehensive set of help documentation as well as numerous videos that explain just about everything there is to know about their platform in great detail.

Regarding other features, they have a broad range of incredibly useful tools at your disposal that is sure to further enrich your ad campaigns. To begin with, their Universal Event Tracking tool allows you to track conversion goals and other metrics that are relevant to your business. This is a very powerful tool that allows you to optimize your campaigns more efficiently. It is also easy enough to use and manage as you simply have to place one tag, or tracking code, on your site to start tracking keywords.
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Next, Bing Ads’ Product Ads feature allows you to showcase your products in a larger, more attractive format with images, text, pricing as well as your company name. Bing Shopping Campaigns, meanwhile, helps you get the most out of your Product Ads. This gives you better control over what products are showing and how much you are paying, as well as easily manage your ads, view all the relevant insights on impressions, clicks, and the like, and even quickly import any existing Google Shopping Campaigns.

If your business has apps for iOS, Android, or Windows devices, their App Extensions feature can definitely come in handy. This allows you to add app extensions on your ads to boost traffic while also increasing app installs in the process, therefore killing two birds with one stone. This feature also allows you to track clicks and app downloads as conversions alongside other measurements, view information from app stores such as an icon, ratings, and the like, and more.
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Other notable features that Bing Ads offers include 

  • Location Targeting, which let you focus on your top audience by geographic location. 
  • Sitelink Extensions, which allow you to take customers directly to specific pages on your website once they click on your ad. 
  • Location Extensions, which allow you to make it easier for customers to find your local business; and 
  • Call Extensions, which enable you to display a phone number directly on your search ad.

Bing Ads Offers Helpful Competitive Research 

You can discover what your rivals are up to on Bing Ads through a free apparatus call Bing Ads Intelligence. It is an Excel expansion, so in the wake of downloading you dispatch Excel and there will be another tab. 

You can do a broad range of research here. Actually, I could compose a whole post about the available choices. One of my top choices is "Sale Insights." You pick a date extend, select your battle, and it discloses to you who your top rivals are and how you stack up against them. 
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Bing Ads Customer Support

In addition to an insanely exhaustive collection of help documentations and numerous videos, you can also reach their customer support, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via live chat. You can also give them a call, but take note that this support option is only available every Monday through Friday, from 6am-6pm PT, and on Saturdays, from 8am-6pm PT.

The Case for Bing Ads 

On the off chance that you promote with Google and you have been overlooking Bing Ads, this is your welcome to begin. It's anything but difficult to set up because you can just import your endeavors from AdWords. There is less rivalry. You'll improve positions for the same or less cash. Bing has accommodating instruments to help your examination. What's more, you can indicate numerous comments with heaps of data for no additional charge. 
Interested? Start BingAds campaign now.

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