8 Reasons Why Married Entrepreneurs Succeed More

A standout amongst the most necessary parts in an entrepreneurial business is not the progenitor — it's the part of that  entrepreneur &...

A standout amongst the most necessary parts in an entrepreneurial business is not the progenitor — it's the part of that entrepreneur's spouse, life partner or companion. Having a stable and loving home is a great help for those who navigate the rough sea of business.

I know many entrepreneurs who have sacrificed their marriage on behalf of their business. It is easy to understand with the demanding schedules that we maintain. Whereas the Kauffman Foundation reports 71% of entrepreneurs marry, it means that we will soon have many business men and women divorced. 

8 Reasons Why Married Entrepreneurs Succeed More
If an entrepreneurial organization falls flat, it can regularly bring the family's accounts down with it, which can prompt to conjugal inconveniences or significantly trigger the separation.

Of course, there are many advantages to being a single entrepreneur, but the fact is that having a healthy sentimental life also drives success. These are some of the reasons why it should be married to an entrepreneur: 

1. Develop communication skills 

Good communication is essential in any relationship, be it with your partner, partner, employees or clients. We need to say that we like and do not and hear the same from the people who accompany us through life. If your partner wants to remodel your house and you do not like the color of the walls, you have to say it. It is better to talk than to let resentment build up resentment.

The same goes for when starting a business. If your co-founder has a different view of the company that you do not think you should tell why you do not like it and what your own vision is.

Communication is more than making your opinions known. It helps us to clearly describe what we want so that there are no confusions or misunderstandings. It is about listening to what others have to say. Just as you want to be heard, others must be heard.

2. Build scruples

A study from the University of Washington in St. Louis found that the personality of the couple has a significant impact on a person's professional success. The characteristic that most stood out in the stories of success was the scrupulosity.

It is believed that people with scruples are more organized, responsible and playful. They also work harder and control their impulses better.

3. Plan ahead

In a marriage, you must plan ahead. Either to save to have your first home, retirement or for the education of children. Entrepreneurs should be like this too, planning at least three years into the future.

Not only must you have a course of action for your marriage and business, but you must also have reserve plans and an emergency fund in case things do not work out. 

4. Learn to give in 

Both your business and your marriage are about partnerships. There will be conflicts or differences of opinion, but both parties will be able to negotiate and give in when necessary. 

Learning not to cling is effective communication, but it also means that you must remain calm, ask for responsible things and be aware that you do not always give in a 50/50 ratio. 

5. It's good for your health 

A study of 3.5 million American adults found that married people are at least 5 percent less likely to have cardiovascular disease than single, divorced or widowed women. This is because the couple is aware of diet, medicines, and appointments with the doctor.

Other health benefits are that married people have better mental health, quicker memory, and longer lives. 

As an entrepreneur, your health is essential to succeed in business. When you are healthy, you are more productive, focused and you can make better decisions.   

6. Accept constructive criticism

It is not always easy to hear criticism, but you can improve your tolerance for being married or being an entrepreneur. There will be times when you will have to listen to something you do not want, from how to cook a steak to how to serve your customers. Instead of getting angry, learn to use this feedback to make things better. 

Constructive criticism helps you improve your communication, makes your products and services stronger, forces you to analyze how you work and gives you a competitive advantage. 

7. Choose their battles 

Any married person can say there are some fights you will never win. That does not mean you're an overdrive. Rather, it means that there are things that are not worth fighting for. For example, if my wife craves Thai food, that's what we're going to have for dinner. I may suggest other restaurants - I do not love Thai food - but if she wants to go, it's not worth arguing for. 

This is also real as an entrepreneur. You must choose your battles, either answer the negative reviews of your customers or until you know when to retire.

8. Have a balance of life and work

One of the great advantages of being an entrepreneur is that we can achieve the balance between labor and life every day. 

"When you're married. You'll always have clear priorities at home, "says Melinda Carlisle Brackett, a therapist and business coach in California who works with entrepreneurs. "Having someone special forces you to make decisions that will make you happy in the long run."

Maintaining a balance life - work is good for health and prevents you burn. More importantly, it lets you know that there is more to life than just business. 

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