8 Options to Start a Business in the USA for Foreigners

Access to a job in the United States is not easy, we will have to have a work visa, and frequently, we receive it through an offer of employ...

Access to a job in the United States is not easy, we will have to have a work visa, and frequently, we receive it through an offer of employment by an American company.

However, there are other options if our focus is centered in the USA, it is about setting up your own business in the United States, and for this, there are possible visas for entrepreneurs.

8 Options to Start a Business in the USA for Foreigners
The United States, unlike other countries, does not have a visa specifically for foreign businessmen, although it is already working on it. Thus, if you want to undertake in the United States, there are different options that you have to study very well to access one of the visas that best fits your profile and be able to carry out your dreams.

Options for foreign entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the US.

Below you will find 8 options for foreign entrepreneurs to get a visa in the United States .

B-1 Business Visa

This visa allows us to enter into the United States to hold meetings with prospective clients, potential employees, information about laws, costs, marketing plans, attending conferences or congresses, etc.

Usually it is the one used as a first step if you are going to start a business in the United States. It is used to have clear ideas and decide if you want to continue with the project because with this visa you can not work in the United States.

This visa gives you the option of staying in the United States for a maximum of 180 days in a row. Sometimes the tourist visa B-2 is issued together with the B-1.
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Visa L-1 for entrepreneurs who want to create a company in the USA

This is the perfect choice if you already have the company produced in the country of origin and want to open a subsidiary in the United States. Of course, you have to comply with relevant requirements and you are going to request a multitude of papers about the company in the country of origin, income, the amount of money in the bank.

On the other hand it has limitations of time and type of work that can be realized by the company that is based in USA.

Visa E-2 to create or buy a business in the United States

This visa is intended for citizens of a number of countries included in a list.

With it you can carry out the creation of a business from scratch or buy an existing one. Of course, it has important limitations such as:

  • It is a nonimmigrant visa. It has to be renewed periodically.
  • You will become a business owner.
  • The business must be real.
  • Size of the business. It asks that certain benefits be generated.
  • The amount to invest can be around $ 50,000.
  • You must be a national of: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, Honduras, Mexico, Panama and Paraguay.
  • You must make known the source of investment money.
  • The investor's family may have a derived visa to live in the United States.
  • With what this visa is possible, but in turn complicated to achieve.

Create a business in the United States with an OPT

This visa is intended for international students who have an F-1 visa and who in turn qualify for the OPT (Optional Practical Training) program, during that period, you can create a company. Time limits will be essential in this process.

Create a company with a visa OR for extraordinary skills

It is aimed at people with extraordinary abilities. You must demonstrate your ability to start a business in the area where you have the experience. These visas are for a renewable period of three years to follow or complete the activity.

Areas where you need to be an expert for a visa O:

  • Arts
  • Science
  • sports
  • Education
  • Business

H-1B Visas to Create a Business by Professionals

These visas are intended for professionals with complete studies of university degree or equivalent. Among other things, with this visa you have to demonstrate the intention to return to the country of residence.

It is given for an initial period of three years (it can be extended to six). Usually, they run out very fast.
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Create a company with an EB immigrant visa

These visas are to move to the United States as an immigrant opening the doors to a green card. It can be achieved in different ways and once obtained, found a company.

  • EB-1 for people with extraordinary ability.
  • EB-2 for professionals with advanced studies and people with exceptional ability in the Arts, Sciences or Business.

Create a business in the United States and get the papers

Finally, there is the possibility, only for a fortunate few, of obtaining permanent residence (green card) through a great investment of money. Here are the options:

  • Invest a million dollars anywhere in the United States.
  • Invest half a million dollars in areas classified by Immigration as depressed.
  • Invest half a million dollars in a project at an Immigration Regional Center.
For more information, you can visit SBA help center. 

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