7 Tips to Improve Your Google Plus Strategy

Google+ is a crucial tool for SEO. Social media marketing strategy is an important part of success. Learn Google Plus marketing strategies ...

Google+ is a crucial tool for SEO. Social media marketing strategy is an important part of success. Learn Google Plus marketing strategies for your digital marketing success. 

Google Plus is constantly changing, the last change dates from a week where they announced that from now on you can use any username as it makes the restriction is removed from the username must be a real person.

What strategy of growth used Google Plus?

7 Tips to Improve Your Google Plus Strategy
Google Plus was born on June 28, 2011, several years later in my opinion when compared with new Facebook (2004) and the appearance of "microblogs" with Twitter (2006). Even so, after staging late, you can safely say that is one of the best prepared technically social networks but with a significant pending, the low level of participation. At present, it owns more than 540 million registered users, but the truth is that more than half of them do not use it.

Personally, I think they made a mistake in forcing all Gmail emails to have a Google+ profile, whether they used it or not. From the psychological point of view, you always try to reject any imposition. Hence I think they were wrong in the Google Plus Growth Strategy, they wanted to grow too fast applying a wholly inappropriate method.

Why you should give a try to  Google+?

It allows you to connect with a new audience of people.
SEO improves the content of your blog and allows you to get more visits.
Google+ content is getting better and better in the search engine.
You can participate in Google+ Hangouts that will allow you to speak with professionals from around the world.

It allows you to connect with great professionals of your sector and to participate in communities debating and discussing the most current topics.
Power and amplify the visibility of your local business.
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Still not convinced to use Google Plus?

Then I'll give you 10 tips to help you optimize your Google Plus Strategy.

1. Avoid making some of these mistakes in Google Plus marketing

  • Have an unfinished profile.
  • Have an abandoned profile.
  • Use the same format or communication that you would use in other Social Networks.
  • Do not respond to comments and private messages.
  • Do not thank the people who share your content.
  • Do not use a format appropriate to your post.
  • Use a personal profile as a company.
  • Do not use hashtags.
  • Do not understand the virality of using great infographics.
  • Do not connect with other users.
  • Not knowing the rules of Google+.
  • To think that it is a social network dispensable.
  • Not knowing the policy content and user behavior.
  • Not knowing the target to which you are heading.
  • Do not define a Strategy in Google Plus.
  • Not knowing how it improves your positioning in search engines and how it increases the visits of the Blog.
  • Not to mention the source of the content you share.
  • Do not participate in Communities.
  • Do not know the rules of a community and fall into the error of spamming.
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2. What is the best strategy in Google Plus to get followers?

After my first year using Google+, there are many strategies I have been implementing with the goal of getting more users to add me to their circles, a critical aspect if you want to have an acceptable engagement.

But the first few weeks on Google+ are very hard, as you add too many people waiting for a percentage of these to add to you too, but that does not happen, or at least it did not occur to me.

After making my first mistake in this new Social Network, I decided that the best way to get my circles increased was to spend more time in this social environment doing the actions that I consider to be critical:
  • Publish of 2 to 3 high-quality content every day.
  • Post in Google+ Communities.
  • Constancy and coherence. If you work steadily, you will catch the attention of a vast number of people.
  • Always surround yourself with good users who are actively participating in the Social Network, but do it bit by bit.
  • Interacts, Interacts... Interacts. You have to be interested in the content that other users post, comment, reply, share, etc.
  • Integrate Google+ comments in your Blog to favor your Engagement.
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How do you find people to include in your circles?

Analyzing the most popular hashtags for my brand and finding the most active and influential users.
Accessing the communities of my subjects.
Using tools such as Google+ Community helps better understand Google+ and find the best professionals in this social network.

3. How you must manage your circles

There are many ways or methods to categorize your circles, but I will explain two  ways that I considered more importantly:
1. By themes.
It is usually the most common and chosen by users.
Example: Social Media, SEO, Digital Marketing, Friends, etc.
2. Selective depending on the users.
In that case you choose categories based on the degree of interest you have in other professionals.
Example: Essential or necessary reading, critical and important.
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4. Define the target well

Knowing well the audience to which you direct your communication is fundamental since our strategy of content marketing has to be focused on generating the content that these users demand.

If the target is not well defined, you could make the mistake of choosing an inappropriate form of communication from the company or choosing an ineffective content strategy.

5. Set an action plan

You will create in a leaf excel our social program focused on Google Plus so that it serves as a guide and working document with all the steps that you are going to carry out week by week.

The Strategy of Social Media is the cornerstone of your work in social networks

6. Hangout is a fundamental tool and should not be overlooked.

It is very likely that you have ever attended a hangout. Otherwise, it is recommended that you can live the first person experience, and in this way, you can see all the potential it offers, and you can apply it to your company or brand.

To hold a seminar or webinar through Hangout can be a good strategy to give visibility to your business. Professionals who work in it, and in this way, you can convert the B2P (Business to Person) communication in P2P (Person to Person), In a direct and very efficient way.

"Hangouts are especially effective if your company is dedicated to online training."
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7. Content as the best tool in your Google Plus Strategy

Publishing useful, fun or curious content can be very effective in getting visits, engagement and increase our circles of people, but you must always do it consistently and regularly. It is not about publishing anything that you see as funny but must It is conceived and framed under the strategy that you will use on Google+.

But what content should you use for Google Plus marketing?

We will give you more effective tips on Google Plus Marketing Strategy, and how to be an expert user. Follow us on social media and share this post.

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