7 Reasons You Are Not Getting Enough Traffic To Your Website

My website is 18 months old, but It's not getting enough traffic . What's wrong with my blog that doesn't increase blog traffic?...

My website is 18 months old, but It's not getting enough traffic. What's wrong with my blog that doesn't increase blog traffic? What blogging mistake I'm making that killing my site traffic? 

7 Reasons You Are Not Getting Enough Traffic To Your Website
From 2013, according to WPVirtuoso, on the Internet, we can find more than 150 million blogs. Every day, more bloggers start making posts, and many of them never generate much traffic or revenue. If you do not receive visitors to your blog, you may be committing one of these fundamental errors.

Seven biggest mistakes bloggers make that kills-traffic.

1. You never visit another person's website

Now more than ever, bloggers encourage reciprocity between their communities. If you want more traffic on your blog, visit other people's websites and comment on their posts. Start conversations with other bloggers, so they know you exist. Many will click on your site, although more than just curiosity.

2. Has not allocated time or resources to the promotion

Many new bloggers attract traffic to your site through PPC advertising (pay-per-click, pay-per-click). If you do not have cash to invest in your blog, consider spending time instead of money. Offer to post on other blogs, participate in forums where you can find followers and actively participate in social networks.

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3. You consider that keywords are more important than content

Ten years ago, bloggers could rely on keywords to drive traffic to their blogs. That is no longer true. If you want to increase visits to your blog, write high-quality content that catches, inspires and educates your audience. Set aside keywords for content that really matters.
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4. You are not clinging to a program

After preparing good content, do not disappear from the face of the earth. People like to visit blogs when they know they are always going to read new content. If your publications are sporadic, readers will drift away. Create a content program (for example, once a week or every other day, or even more often) and stick to it.

5. Did not invest money in the design

The design of your website should be useful to the reader in every possible way. Currently, that means a responsive layout, which means that it will fit devices of any size. If you use a standard template or theme, consider acquiring a premium theme or hiring a professional designer to make your website more attractive and easy to use.

6. You drive away your readers

If you are so desperate to generate income with your blog that you do not realize that you are driving away your readers, you are ruining your blog yourself. Focus on excellent content and effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, such as writing on a particular topic and adding an appropriate title and meta tags to your publications.

7. You are solely dependent on your blog

The blog may be your main content channel, but do not exclude other forms of online interaction. Create accounts on two or three social networking websites and actively participate in them. Your followers of social networks will become readers of your blog.
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If you do not generate enough traffic to your blog, use the suggestions above and give it time. Blogs do not succeed overnight, but with a lot of effort and a little skill, you might be surprised at the results.

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