6 Valentine's Day Traditions Around The World

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day ? What other countries in the world celebrate Valentine Day?  What  valentine's day traditions ...

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? What other countries in the world celebrate Valentine Day? What valentine's day traditions around the world are most romantic and symbolic to love?

Almost nothing is missing for Valentine . Already preparing? I already have some ideas to surprise my partner after having learned of the traditions of Valentine from other parts of the world that I found very interesting and with them surely I will surprise. Why do not you take a look at them? Who knows and give you some good ideas! 

6 Valentine's Day Traditions Around The World
Is Valentine's Day celebrated around the world?

Day of Saint Valentine also known as Valentine Day, Lovers Day, Day of Romance and Sweethearts day. Almost every country are celebrated 14th February, Valentine's Day. Including America, France, England, Denmark, Canada, India, Australia, Russia, Finland, Ireland, Africa, Latin America and more country celebrate this day with different cultures and foods.
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# 1 England

This will leave you open-mouthed. In England, the tradition of Valentine's Day is that women put 5 bay leaves under the pillow, 2 on each side and 1 in the middle, to dream about their future husband. Do they really see in the dreams who will be?

# 2 Japan

On February 14 in Japan it is quite similar to what is done in most countries on this date, only that there are women who would give chocolates to men. I love this idea! And it is not that any type of chocolate is given, but the type is determined according to the nature of the relationship, for example, you provide one type of chocolate to your boss, another type of chocolate to your best friend and another type to you couple. Interesting! 

# 3 Finland

Instead of celebrating Valentine's Day on February 14 , the day of friendship is celebrated in Finland; The closest friends send letters and the couples choose, for the most part, this day to commit. After all, the couple is a best friend, right? So I really like the idea of the Finns. 

# 4 Wales 

People in Wales does not celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14 , but they do on January 25 in "St. Dwynwen's Day", patron of the nation. The traditional Valentine's Day gift in Wales is a love spoon that, depending on the design, can mean several things, such as good luck, support, or the keys to a man's heart. I would love to have one! 

# 5 Denmark

Did you know Valentine 's Day is celebrated in Denmark only 15 years ago? In this country, instead of giving flowers or chocolates, lovers exchange love cards with pictures of them and also, men, give their loved one a "joke letter" that has a funny poem or a rhyme that is written On cut paper and sent anonymously; If the woman finds out who the recipient is, an egg is won for the next Easter. Curious, is not it? 

# 6 Italy

For Italians, Valentine's Day is celebrated as a spring festival. The lovers go out together to a park, read poems and listen to music. How romantic! Another Italian tradition of Valentine's is that single women should wake up before dawn to find their beloved; The first man to see that day, will be her husband in a year. Love at first sight? 

Have you found your favorite Valentine tradition yet ? What did you do to your beloved? Tell us! If you would like to take a trip together, know these 5 romantic and historical places in Europe to meet in Valentine. Enjoy! 

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