5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog & Make Money Blogging!

Your blog is more than just a communication platform. If you want to generate passive or active income, you can monetize your blog and cre...

Your blog is more than just a communication platform. If you want to generate passive or active income, you can monetize your blog and create content that generates revenue for yourself. If you are not sure where to start, consider these five monetization strategies.

5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog & Make Money Blogging!
Monetizing a blog can change your life. Making money for writing blogs is easier than ever. But can you actually earn a living as a blogger? 

1. Write sponsored post

Companies often pay bloggers to write unbiased reviews or to recommend their products or services. In a sponsored publication, the blogger could explain the use of a product or provide an objective assessment of the quality of a service.

To comply with the rules of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), bloggers should always disclose the sponsored content. If you write a review of a product, and it has been sponsored by a manufacturer or retailer, let your readers know in the review text that you received a payment for writing it.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates are your business partners on the blog and provide links to your content. You insert those links into the content of the blog and, if the readers click on the links and make purchases, you receive a commission. The trick to affiliate marketing is to promote products that you believe in, that way they will easily integrate into your blog content. In this way, the readers who make purchases will be satisfied with you and will consider you as someone who offers excellent content and products.

You can join an existing affiliate program to capitalize on your momentum. Make sure your affiliates are aligned with the content of your blog; For example, if you write about fashion, an electronics retailer will probably not have many relationships with your readers.
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3. Free premium content 

The free premium monetization model (freemium) allows you to continue to post free content on the blog to your readers. However, you can also create premium content for which users must pay a membership fee. For example, you could offer them e-books and tokens, or even resources that do not contain text, such as videos and computer graphics.

4. Direct and Network Ads

While this strategy is being used less often, many bloggers still post direct ads. These appear in posts, sidebars, and footers. When readers click on the links, you receive a certain sum of money (pay per click or PPC).

You can sell ads directly, or you can join an advertising network. If you use the latter option, a third party sells the ad space on your blog. You will earn less money per client, but you will not have to deal with the expenses and time required to sell the advertising space and manage the sponsors.
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5. Products and services

If you offer a valuable service to your community, consider charging for it. Maybe you can start by providing consulting services or volunteering as a public speaker. Your blog thus becomes a platform that establishes your authority and credibility within your industry.

Some bloggers also create their own products. They may sell their merchandise on sites like Amazon and Etsy, but they promote those products on their blogs to reach a wider audience.

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