5 Unusual Exercise Places Worth Trying

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance could be tough especially if you are an entrepreneur. Due to having less time for rest, they forget ...

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance could be tough especially if you are an entrepreneur. Due to having less time for rest, they forget to do exercises. As an entrepreneur, it 's okay to always be busy. Don't abandon your exercise routine, follow these tips and take energy. 

Busy entrepreneurs have a hard time sticking to a regular exercise. Losing a gym day becomes two and before you know it it's been a week since you last did your squat. A Beverly Hills coach named Gunnar Peterson says that although a one-hour routine is ideal, being able to have two minutes of exercise a few times a day is much better than skipping your routine altogether.

5 Unusual Exercise Places Worth Trying
For these short bursts of activity, recommends making small movements that help certain muscles of the body.

"There's always blood moving to those muscles to make them feel firmer, mentally you'll feel better about yourself, and you're going to put up with more," Peterson says.
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It also offers some suggestions to be able to exercise at any time.

In the elevator. 

Although taking the stairs instead of the elevator is great for speeding up your heart rate and doing cardio every day, it is not ideal if you have to reach a sweating board. Instead, Peterson says you should hit the elevator wall and sit in a 90-degree position as you work your way to your thighs and buttocks.

In the bathroom. 

As you wash your hands, use your time in the sink to rest your arms on the counter and do leg raising. Lift one leg off the floor and fold it with the other making sure that the knee does not extend over the feet. Do ten repetitions with each leg while soaping and rinsing your hands.
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On your desk. 

Who says you need to lie down on the floor to do sit-ups? Peterson says you can strengthen your abdomen even if you're sitting in a joint. Take a deep breath and push your stomach as far as you can by bringing the navel to the spine. Hold your breath for three seconds and let the air out. This type of abdominal strengthens the abdominal muscle that supports your posture and helps stability.

If you want to take advantage of the time on your desk, try to lift your legs. Sit in your chair, raise your legs and lower them without touching the floor. It starts with repetitions of 10 to 15 and reaches reps of 20. This helps the lower abdomen, near where the belt is. To work with your arms, separate yourself from the chair and lean forward with your arms holding the head. Grabbing the seat, lower your body to strengthen the triceps.

In the car. 

Take advantage of the trips you do when doing some type of abdominal exercise. To work the arms, try to make isometric contractions. Hold the steering wheel with your hands in the lower part, flex your biceps and hold for a few seconds while the red traffic light turns green.

In the airport. 

Business travel can ruin your exercise schedules. Try to add some cardio when walking as much as you can. Many airports are equipped with bands, yoga rooms and even complete gyms, allowing people to exercise before their flight.

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