5 Tips That Will Make You A Better Investor In 2017

By | 06.02.2017

If you want to become a millionaire, then be an investor. Learn most efficient steps to becoming an investor.  

The first is “work to earn money” and the second “make your money work for you.” It reads and writes smooth, but putting it into practice involves a lot of effort. Especially if we talk about the second path…

The etymological root of “freedom” comes from the Latin “liberty” which means “quality of,” to which I summarize as “the quality of living as one wants to live.”

5 Tips That Will Make You A Better Investor In 2017

Financial freedom is what everyone pursues, that few achieve and after which many will give up before even reaching it but, what have these successful people done to be financially free?

It is evident that in addition to dedicating their time and effort, they did something that marked the difference to the rest of the others that is “mental reprogramming” or rather “learning to unlearn.”

Since we were born, our teachers and even our own parents have deposited information that has been recorded in our psyche, beliefs, and thoughts both positive and adverse.
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Contrary dogmas are those that affect our mental, spiritual and economic growth. If we do not make an effort to eliminate them, they will be kept, and we will continue to make the same mistakes.

False phrases like “money do not grow on trees,” “every day this is worse,” “Money is the evil of all evils,” ” only the rich can invest ” are beliefs that have taught us and they end up Enter our mind, which could result in a rather unsatisfactory fate.

Many problems of our life have a single origin… the mind, so the solution to the problem will never be outside but inside us. 
Unlearning is a lifelong and continuous process, to recognize that beliefs are imparted by an unfounded fear of giving up before reaching success.

We learn that while money does not grow on trees, we can do everything possible to become in our hands.

Here are some tips that will help you take the first step in investing and making your money work for you:

Emergency Fund: 

This fund is critical for us to begin to improve our personal finances, ranging from 3 to 6 months of our salary. This will help us to reserve money for any kind of circumstance and as well says it for “emergencies.”
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Chocolate making plays what you owe: 

Pay the dreaded debt, this will give you guidelines to advance more actively, have become an investor and financial health as soon as possible.

Become seller: 

Everyone, every day, no matter what dedicate ourselves, we are selling. That is, we are all salesmen. CapacĂ­tate, read books on sales techniques, take it to practice and change your results.


When purchasing a franchise model, the risk to invest is reduced by a significant percentage. According to INEGI in 5 years 70% of businesses will have closed. Thinking about a franchise is going to a previously tried and tested business. 
Among the franchises in the country with the best results are those related to real estate, a prominent example of this type of franchise is CENTURY 21.

Time is money: 

A cliche these days but undoubtedly continues. Time is the most valuable resource in the world and as money loses value over time, investing it quickly and intelligently will bring multiple benefits in the short and long term.

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