3 Payment Tools That Will Help You Manage Your Freelance Business

Have you ever lost payment information from a client or contractor? Did it ever happen that the process of payments received or sent took ...

Have you ever lost payment information from a client or contractor? Did it ever happen that the process of payments received or sent took days or weeks instead of hours?

You're not the only one. The US freelance union UU. Reports that 50% of freelancers have had difficulty receiving payments, so it follows that this is a frequent phenomenon. Regardless of the possibility of losing the payment details of one of your clients, you may also have received late payments, which is truly frustrating. 

3 Payment Tools That Will Help You Manage Your Freelance Business
Whether you work as a freelancer or manage employees remotely, payments received and sent are critical to a healthy business, because ensuring a reliable and predictable cash flow will not be part of that 50%.

There are many factors that freelancers should consider before deciding to work for another person or accept a project. The product, delivery time and style are just some of the many concerns and fears that freelancers have. Receiving payments should not be a concern.

That's why Payoneer offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution so you can have all your customer and contact information in one place. With the Request a Payment from Payoneer solution, you can send your invoices on time and send reminders to your clients with the due date of your payments.

In the same way,  Making a payment allows you to pay your colleagues and service providers quickly. Finally, with the My Contacts option, you can organize all your contacts in one place. All in all, these three tools can improve the way you run your business by ensuring that you can stay organized quickly and easily, send payment requests, receive payments and pay your employees. Also, you can earn money using the Payoneer affiliate program, learn how easy is that.

Let's see how these three tools can help you organize payment information for your customers, contractors, and colleagues and easily access it. By combining these functions, you can manage your business successfully and efficiently.

Receive payments

Talking on the phone with your employer to know when you will be paying or sending an email to find out about the amount can be very annoying. In particular, after working hard and delivering your work in very short time, you deserve to receive your payments directly and quickly. With the option Request a payment from Payoneer you can do it.

With the Request a Payment option, you can do the following:

  • Complete a payment request to send to your employer
  • Enter the approximate date you'd like the payment
  • Receive a confirmation email as soon as you receive a payment
Want to get more information about Request a Payment? Visit Their official website.

Send payments

At the other end of the spectrum, do you have a business and want a solution to pay your employees with ease? With the Make a Payment option, you can quickly send payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Unlike other payment solution providers, Making a payment is a quick and economical solution.

With the Make a payment option, you can do the following:
  • Pay a vendor, contractor, or team member anywhere FREE
  • Receive your receipt within 2 hours
  • Access this service at any time
* Free when payments are made between Payoneer users.

Get organized

In addition to allowing you to send and receive money quickly and efficiently, Payoneer wants to help you stay organized. Whether you want to request a payment or pay a customer, having all your contacts organized in one place is critical, that's why Payoneer created the My Contacts option.

The My Contacts function can help you:
  • Keep all your relevant contacts in one place
  • Keep track of payments, both sent and received
  • View your payment history with each contact

How does it work?

  • Sign in to My account.
  • Select Activity from the navigation menu and then select My Contacts.
  • Select Send a payment to or Receive money from (depending on whether you are requesting payment or sending one).
  • You can Edit, Delete and check the status of payment from any of your contacts.
Together, these three tools ensure a smooth process when it comes to sending or receiving payments easily and quickly. In short, Payoneer allows you to focus on what really matters - your current job and your career advancement, so you can stop worrying about the issue of receiving and sending payments.

Do not waste more time waiting for late payments or looking for payment information from a freelancer... we will do it for you! Register for a Payoneer account and get $25 for free.

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