14 Valentine’s Day Ideas to Keep the Spark Alive in a Long-term Relationship

By | 13.02.2017

Most romantic valentines day ideas for him and her to surprise and keep the love aliveThe best romantic ideas to keep the spark alive in your relationships. 

For this Valentine ‘s Day 2017, we have prepared a series of tips that will help you to plan and have the best February 14th with your partner. Follow them, and you will be like the best boyfriend, husband, in love with everybody. Every day we will give you ideas, so do not miss any advice that we will post on our Facebook and Twitter profiles.

14 Valentine's Day Ideas to Keep the Spark Alive in a Long-term Relationship

Watch the sunset with your partner

Contemplating how the sun goes down slowly is one of the most romantic moments that you can live with your spouse. The magic of the sunset seems to surround you and impregnate you with a feeling of love that with each passing moment becomes deeper. Let this little everyday spectacle surprise you again while you shake hands. 

Have a picnic

A blanket to sit on, a basket with your partner’s favorite food and a good time ahead to chat. A picnic can become one of the most romantic Valentine’s plans. Ah! And do not forget to bring a delicious chocolate dessert that will help you fan the passion in a day that can become unforgettable. 
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Give a message

Did you know that massage is one of the most erotic and relaxing practices? There is no more romantic way to light the spark of the couple on such a special day as February 14. Impregnate your hands with aromatic oil and begin to press gently but firmly on the neck, back and arms of your partner. Little by little you will notice how you establish an intimate connection and the flame of love goes to more. 

Do not forget the romantic dinner candles, wine, and a dessert

Valentine ‘s dinner is essential for all lovers. It is at night when the spark of love ignites intensely and cook the recipes that so much your partner likes to prepare the way to live a night of great passion. Do not forget to create a romantic atmosphere with a soft light accompanied by candles, background music … And accompany the dessert with a good cava or champagne well mosquitos. 
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Take breakfast to bed

The love shows in small details. And Valentine’s Day is the ideal occasion to show your partner in detail how much you love her: take breakfast to bed, give her a gift that is not expected somewhere in the house, buy tickets to see that So much desire … So your partner will know that you think about her and that you pay attention to the things that matter to her.

Write a card

The magic of words can be adamant if applied at the right time. Write to your partner something special for Valentine: buy a postcard or a sweet Valentine ‘s card, with romantic motives and a romantic touch and write one of those Valentine’s congratulations where you explain what that particular person means to you. Be strong and make your words reach the bottom of your heart! 

Dare and do something romantic

Surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day! If you are one of those who does not believe in romanticism, get high with a detail that your partner likes: you will surely appreciate it. Tell him how hard it has cost you to take that step and put in value. If you’ve always wanted to try what you see in romantic movies this February 14th is your chance. Ahead! 
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Try an aphrodisiac cocktail

Throughout the day of Valentine, the passion is in full bloom, but you have to know the precise moment to light the flame. Invite your partner to try an aphrodisiac cocktail or a love potion that bewitches your partner. Try those secret ingredients that boost the libido: cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, honey … And let yourself be carried away by passion!

Make a Marathon of Favorite Movies

Few things unite couples as much as share the other’s tastes together. A good plan for lovers’ day is to see those movies that you like best or those that have to do with the main milestones of your love relationship. They will bring to your memory very pleasant memories!

Cook together

It can be one of the best Valentine’s plans as a couple. Collect several recipes for Valentine and get down to work. The complicity and the desire will be decisive so that everything comes out of the mouth. It is said that the more complicity you have …, the tastier the dishes will be! Will you suck your fingers when you’re done? 

City break

Few things are as intimate as to make a getaway together to your favorite city and lose you in streets where no one knows you … Remember to bring a good camera to capture the unforgettable moments of your trip. Love awaits you on Valentine’s Day! – 

Test your craft skills

Original Valentine’s Day crafts: scissors, pencil, paints, glue, pen, ruler, colored paper and … let yourself be carried away by the imagination. You can start with a heart-shaped card or be more ambitious and build an artistic gift. Do not get frustrated if you do not get to the first, the important thing is to have fun in Valentine: persevere, and your work will pay off.

Wear a monkey and do not forget the perfume

The care you put into your image on this special day tells a lot about what you care about the other person. Get dressed, release clothes from last season and take the opportunity to put the perfume that you have given or know that you like. It will respond to your interest and effort! 

But above all, do not forget the bouquet of flowers to fall in love with

If you have already reached this step, you must put the icing on the cake, so that this Valentine is perfect. We know how important are the branches to love and keep the spark of love. That’s why this year we have prepared a catalog of flowers and roses that fall in love with…

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