10 Best Adsense alternatives To Make Money even with small websites

Google Adsense is omnipresent when it comes to monetizing your blog or site. But if you don't like it, there are more AdSense alternati...

Google Adsense is omnipresent when it comes to monetizing your blog or site. But if you don't like it, there are more AdSense alternatives to earn money as blogger or website owner. I do agree that Google Adsense has been considered as the best method to monetizing sites from big brands to small blog owners, when it comes to signup, install and earning money.

Do you know your AdSense account can get banned?

Your Google Adsense account has been temporarily disabled or banned!
What a beautiful phrase in an email to start the day huh? Well, keep in mind that you are not alone. 

Every day, hundreds of accounts are being banned from Google's Adsense program. Why? I can not say precisely. Or there's something wrong on the web that you're putting ads on, or you just forgot the Google TOS rule.

10 Best Adsense alternatives To Make Money even with small websites
Instead of crying or attacking Google in multiple forums (in fact, this is an appalling idea), remember that the world is not over yet, and there are plenty of AdSense alternatives to start making money again out. Google was only the first of them, and it failed. In fact, I must be very thankful for Google, because they banned me five years ago and then my online business has boosted up. 

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So, take charge, take the initiative and act professional! There is no time to lose.

10 Best Adsense alternatives to make money even with small websites

Here are some of the best alternative to Google Adsense you can try to earn money from your site without using Google Adsense, and I'll tell you how they work and why you should consider them, so let's get started:

I recently got huge income from three of these alternatives to Adsense and looks like they are a great competitor to each other. Media.net, Infolinks, Revenue hits and Amazon Associates, are the best alternatives to Google Adsense for me. Most of the blogger will agree with me, and this is the truth. So don't be late, only start boosting your earning. 

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1. Infolinks

Infolinks is a pay per click advertising network that allows you to earn money through your blog based on specific keywords. Infolinks indices your pages and automatically add some hyperlinks in the text. Of course, since this is not a CPM program, it might take some time to start earning an ordinary passive income through it, but it's still an alternative to Adsense. 

They can pay you through Paypal, bank transfer, Western Union check, ACH and Payoneer and there is an initial limit of $ 50. Infolinks is ideal for both small and large websites and works on sites in Spanish, French and German, English.
Payment Method: Payoneer, (Payoneer Local Bank transfer), Bank Wire, ACH, Paypal
Infolinks in-text advertising network is #1 alternatives to adsense for publishers. 
Signup to this best Adsense alternative by clicking here.
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2. Media.net

One of the best alternatives to Google Adsense is Media.net. Personally, I love this publisher network for its premium performance. Trust me this will help you to earn 10x more than AdSense. 
Media.net powered by Yahoo and Bing is a contextual ad network. It helps bloggers to earn revenue by showing ads on web content.
It has many customizable ad units. You can make your site look even better as you want. 
Single click install, no need to learn to code. One ad is enough to show ads on all platforms such as a tablet, mobile or desktop.
You can earn 10% more if you signup via this link. 
Payment method: Wire, Check.
Do you know what's the highest paying Google Adsense alternatives? It's media.net. The best ever publisher network to me.
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3. RevenueHits

RevenueHits is a network performance of ads, which means you pay for results (CPA which is ideal for many niches), however, have CPC and CPM models too. 

RevenueHits has an exciting platform that learns from your ads so if you give them a try be sure to keep your ads posted for 2-4 days to get the best results. 

Another great thing is that they have different income-earning channels available. You can create banner ads, sliders, pop-on, buttons and more. Pounds income paid on a net basis and 30 issues payments via transfer, Paypal and Payoneer! 
Create your account and start working in just a few minutes!

Note: I'm generating more than $ 200 per month with RevenueHits. Many fellow bloggers are already making much more, and there are no minimum traffic requirements to get started. 

Also, if you have mobile traffic, RevenueHits is a great alternative to Adsense as you work in close collaboration with ad networks that monetize mobile applications and services that lead to significant regions of interest and high CPM as well.
Make money from your blog, even if you haven't higher US traffic. This could be a great alternative to Adsense for earning revenue. 
Signup for RevenueHits Publisher Account

4. Propeller Ads

One of the most important networks dedicated to pop-unders advertising world. Some, bloggers said, "Propeller Ads can generate more revenue than AdSense if used effectively." It offers high CPM rate and works with most cms platforms. 
This network works very well with some specific niches, such as video/movies, games, dating, finance, software, entertainment, gambling.  
Payments threshold, 30 days, ideal for those who have traffic from India, Singapore, Turkey, South Africa and more.
Payment Method: Payoneer, Wire, Check, Webmoney.

5. Yllix Media

Yllix is another good alternative to Adsense. Yllix is a network I've heard a lot in recent years that it has a decent CPM and lots of monetization options. Your home page may look simple, but its control panel is large and easy to get started. Yllix has pop-under ads, mobile redirects, sliders, layer ads and full page ads so you can get a good CTR and make money from them. Definitely a good choice for beginners and their approval is fast. Sign up here.
Payment Method: Payoneer, Wire, Paypal, Skrill, Check.

Signup for Yllix publisher network.

6. Amazon Associates

You can make a good amount of money from Amazon, especially at Christmas and other holidays.
Amazon is the largest online store in the world, so they must be doing something good. Well, if you have a website that talks about any product that can be found on Amazon, then Amazon associates might work for you. Amazon allows you to put dynamic image ads to your blog so you can promote them, and although this is not a pay per click or CPM program, you are paid a small commission for everything they sell from their links. 

Let's say you have a blog about Apple products, and you get an ad by driving them to buy an iPod or just a cable. 
If they buy it, a small commission will be for you. So if you sell a $ 10 cable, you can receive a few cents but sell a laptop $ 1500, and you may receive $ 100. The good thing is that everything you buy through your link (even if it is not the product Which you recommended at the beginning) will generate a commission for yours. 

The only problem I encounter with Amazon is that they need me to send you a check that could take weeks to get home unless you live in the States of America where you can provide your bank account. You can use this with Adsense at the same time.
Payment Method:  Check, Payoneer, Wire, Amazon Gift Card.

7. BuySellAds

This AdSense alternative acts as an intermediary between you and the advertiser, and pays for direct ads, not for CPC or CPM, as most ad networks usually do.

But keep in mind that it is a little harder to get approved by BuySellAds since you need to have good traffic on your blog. For some blogger, this is the best Adsense alternatives to earn income and their only method to monetize.
Payment method: Paypal, Wire. 

How to Get BuySellAds Approval for Your Blog or Web 

8. Chitika

The reason I put Chitika in number 3 of this list, is because Chitika is very similar to Adsense. Which allow you to customize your ads, and only serve contextual ads. One good thing is that it can be used along with Adsense and there is no problem at all. Chitika pays through Paypal ($ 10 USD minimum, which is good to start) or by check ($ 50 minimum). If I had to recommend an advertising service as an alternative to Adsense, Chitika would be my first choice, no doubt. 

Chitika can be paid through PayPal if required. Sign up here and get your account approved quickly and easily!
Signup for Chitika account.

9. PopAds

PopAds is a network specializing in performance Pop Unders. They have good prices and can get economic benefits from all countries. Something good about PopAds is that they can pay you every day as long as you earn $ 5 or more per day. Their quality is good, and they also have pop-ups and other methods of monetization. Your approvals are easy and setting your ads takes only a few minutes. 
Sign up here as editor.

10. Adversal Ads Network

Adverse Event Presence is a great Adsense alternative and works as great as Chitika. They have good banners, and the CTR and income are tailored to get the best results for your website. I have seen ads in the presence of adverse events have a good CTR and have good graphic ads as well. This is probably the Ad network that seems to work best for those looking for a Google Adsense replacement. 

It works pretty well with other languages too (Chitika does not). What your account was approved very fast and also have pop ads / CPM as an option. Note: the presence of adverse events requires a website with a minimum of 50,000 page views per month, but has been proven to work very well. 
I make more than $ 500-1000 per month. They also pay through PayPal. Sign up here.

Adversal payment methods: Paypal, Check.

10 Best Adsense alternatives to make money even with small websites.

Try to have as many sources of income as you can by adding and testing different ad services, and you will find your way to the top. Those Google Adsense alternatives will help you to develop as in Internet Marketing even more.

Even if your Google Adsense account was banned, this is not the end of the world. In fact, it's just the beginning.

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