Samsung Finally Reveals Why the Galaxy Note 7 Explodes

The mobile tech giant Samsung was investigating why  galaxy note 7 exploding.  Samsung answers burning Note 7 questions, vows better batteri...

The mobile tech giant Samsung was investigating why galaxy note 7 exploding. Samsung answers burning Note 7 questions, vows better batteries. 
Samsung recalled and reissued all Galaxy Note 7 phones. Now we have the investigation results. I found the best option to quickly understand why note 7 kept exploding on Business Insider report. Business Insider published an infographic explaining in details about Samsung note 7 blowing. We will add it later and here is the original infographic to check out.

The South Korean giant had to withdraw from the market 96% of its Galaxy Note 7 phones for a ruling. Here we tell you the details.

In a business market, such as technology, innovating becomes a growing challenge. In an attempt to offer new, better and different products, companies have lost a lot of money.

This is the case of Samsung, that after last year had withdrawn million Galaxy Note 7 by a fault in the battery that caused the combustion equipment, and not the software as had been thought at the beginning, the Korean automaker gave Know the reasons. 
Here we tell you.

To find out what caused the devices to fail, researchers and engineers, both internal and external to the company, performed various tests.

The experts found two errors in the manufacture and design of the batteries that produced the short circuit of the apparatus that later led to overheating and the combustion thereof.

The first was found in the design of mobile phone batteries that went on sale on August 19. The fault occurred in the upper right corner which caused deformations, generating a short circuit that led to overheating and this in turn to the appliance fire.

With this first report faults the South Korean company began removing the devices from the market and make replacements for batteries, but the accelerated process caused a new error: a defect in the weld as before, made a short circuit and overheating of the device.

Samsung Finally Reveals Why the Galaxy Note 7 Explodes
Business Insider Infographic
Although the Note 7 model had the same battery size as previous equipment, it had a new load capacity which required new manufacturing and assembly processes. Samsung acknowledges its responsibility and apologizes to users.

This meant significant losses for the company but mainly the credibility of its customers.

At present, the giant has withdrawn 96% of the phones worldwide. Samsung gave us a great lesson that we must learn: wanting to reinvent yourself at increasing speed can cause big mistakes.

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