Five Awesome Ways to Use Instagram to Make Better Career Moves

By | 15.01.2017

Since the beginning of Instagram, its goal was to create a comfortable space for everyone. You don’t need to be a celebrity to improve your career with Instagram marketing. What are the advantages of using Instagram? Many young talented women building careers through the photo-sharing social network, Instagram.
Most of the digital marketer, blogger are using Instagram for business and as a part of your social media strategy. 

Sorry for LinkedIn, but the social network of business contacts he has gone a fierce competitor as a speaker to find work or sign candidates, especially among millennials: Instagram.
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Five Awesome Ways to Use Instagram to Make Better Career Moves

Parallel to the excellent projection of the social network (more than 500 million users and adding up), foam grows the number of companies that analyze the profiles before hiring a candidate. If first scoured your Facebook page, now spend their efforts on Instagram.

“Social networks are taken into account when hiring a person, ” says Elena Huerta, coach professional development, which continues its potential risk alerting us: “Most times serve to rule out candidates.” So, if you do not want to lose the one that paints like the work of your dreams, attentive to these tips:

1. Naturalness

The proximity and familiarity that prevail in the application are also a double-edged sword: on the one hand, they offer a more complete portrait of our personality but on the other the chances of being friendly (or not reaching) multiply.
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“A resounding yes to publications in which you talk about your hobbies. Where you enjoy your family and friends (a photo party at 6 AM in the morning is not a good option, but it is a paella or cottage), Of a book that has made you crazy, the concert of your life, sport, etc.” recommends Huerga.

3. The language

Spelling mistakes, insults to the scriptwriter by killing your favorite character or jokes (too black, too green or too bad) can play against you. Also the opposite assumption. As Huerta explains: “Very formal communication is not very well received in social networks. It is better to always use a language close to it without falling into school.”

4. Networking

Instagram is primarily useful for making contacts. We must mix images related to our professional career (link to our blog, ideas, influences, projects in which we work or companions that we admire) and our private life, which transmit closeness.

5. Hashtags

Since the hashtags are trackable, we can also build our network based on shared interests. Connect with those who congregate in tags similar to yours and your interests.
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